Where to change money in Thailand?

Many people who are considering visiting Thailand in Southeast Asia wonder where they can exchange their currency. And one of the reasons for this is that there are a variety of places in which one may exchange money in the land of smiles. In point of fact, you may do it at the teller window or at other tellers in the bank, as well as at exchange houses, airports, and other locations. Despite the fact that certain alternatives are more financially viable than others. Where is the most reputable location to have money changed in Thailand? We hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the many approaches to achieving your goal. You will then be able to select the alternative that is most suited to your needs.

Where to exchange cash to thai bhats in Thailand?

Where to change money in Thailand?
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When visiting Thailand, it is important to bring some of the local money, or bahts, with you. First and foremost, to eliminate the possibility of any kind of difficulty occurring right at the start, such as with the cards. In addition to this, the majority of the payments that you will be required to make while you are travelling will need to be made in baht. Therefore, having a good amount of cash on hand will be quite beneficial at the beginning of the trip.

On the other hand, it is not a wise decision to bring all of the money necessary for the trip with you right away. More than anything else, because there is always the possibility of being robbed or losing anything along the way. Despite the fact that many individuals choose to do it in this manner in order to avoid the commission that is required to be paid for the usage of the card, To get the most value for your money in Thailand, though, converting dollars into baht is your best option. In point of fact, exchange houses provide rates that are lower than those offered in any other nation.

Change money at airports in Thailand

Where to change money in Thailand?

Changing money into baht at the airport might not be the smartest thing to do. This is particularly because it is one of the locations in Thailand where the cost of the currency exchange is higher. In point of fact, it is recommended that you make the necessary adjustments to get you through the first few hours. First and foremost, if you stay in an area that tourists frequent, you should expect to find a number of banks and currency exchanges in the neighbourhood.

Thai banks

Where to change money in Thailand?

One of the things that stick out about Thailand is the sheer volume of banks that can be found around the country. As a result, you should not run into any issues while attempting to withdraw money from an ATM. Naturally, the fee will be far more expensive than if you were to withdraw the money at the window. Despite the fact that not all financial institutions let you do the latter, In any event, if you want to go this route, keep in mind that regardless of the circumstance, they will always ask to see your passport. And in order to prevent any complications, it is best to have a name that is identical to the one on the card. Banks such as Kasikorn Bank and Bangkok Bank are examples of financial institutions that provide competitive exchange rates. Other financial institutions in Thailand include the Bank of Ayudhya and the Siam Commercial Bank (Krungsri).

Exchange houses

Where to change money in Thailand?

There is a plethora of exchange houses around Thailand, particularly in areas frequented by tourists. Despite the fact that they may be discovered in every region of the nation, even in more remote areas. In this situation, it is essential to evaluate what conditions they give and check the exchange rate of the day to see whether it pays out to do business with them. In the same manner, as it occurred with the financial institutions, they want the passport in order to carry out the operation:

  • Super Rich Thailand: Considering the excellent circumstances it provides, it is Thailand’s most well-known money exchange facility. In actuality, it has been in operation for more than 50 years and has gained the public’s trust via its excellent job. Additionally, its offices are situated next to sizable retail malls or on avenues like Silom or Sumkuvith, which are popular with tourists. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is another location (floor B). Its green markings may identify it.
  • Super Rich 1965: With 22 locations located in popular tourist destinations, it is the biggest exchange house in Bangkok. It may also be identified by its orange marking colour.
  • Vasu Exchange: Sia Exchange in Petchburi. near Sukhumvit. These exchange facilities in Bangkok occasionally provide better terms than any other.
  • X-One Currency Exchange Center: The fact that it may be found in the well-known neighbourhood of Patpong is largely responsible for its considerable notoriety.

Withdraw money at bank ATMs in Thailand with a card

Where to change money in Thailand?

Of course, everyone wants to cut costs when they travel. As a result, before using an ATM in Thailand, check whether there is a fee from the bank for card withdrawals. So, there won’t be any unpleasant shocks for us.

Thai banks typically charge a fee of roughly 5.5 euros when customers use their ATMs to withdraw cash. However, some banks do not, as is the case with the AEON ATMs at the airport of Bangkok. Or they may charge less in your instance, like the Chiang Mai AEONs. Therefore, it is preferable to inquire with your bank to see whether there is a Thai affiliate. That would be wonderful since you wouldn’t have to pay anything, and it would be an excellent method to convert money to Thai Bhats in Thailand.

However, keep in mind that there is a cap on cash withdrawals, which varies between 600 and 900 euros. And you won’t have any trouble locating an ATM. Since small enterprises in Thailand prefer to pay with real cash, they are actually commonplace.

Withdraw money in Thailand with a travel card

Where to change money in Thailand?

Carrying a travel card is one method to save money while making purchases in Thailand. Actually, they are free debit cards that online banks typically provide. Additionally, the majority of them use Visa or Mastercard exchange and don’t charge commissions for currency exchange. In actuality, they are among the most effective ways to trade and pay in Thailand. On your vacation to Thailand, though, the credit card of a lifetime is also helpful. In reality, hotels, vehicle rental companies, etc. 

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