Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Bangkok is a city with so many things to do day and night that it can be hard to choose. Therefore, we are providing you with some suggestions for a trip to the Thai capital today. Skyscrapers, commercial centres, marketplaces, temples, parks, and historical landmarks All of these things and much more are Bangkok. Come learn the secrets of one of the world’s most exciting cities for yourself!

Sightseeing in Bangkok during the day

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

We suggest taking advantage of the daytime hours to explore the city. Starting early in the morning will make your trips more exciting because the sun rises early in Thailand. See what they are now!

1- Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Without a doubt, it is among the top tourist attractions in Bangkok. The intricate design of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, built in the 18th century, is stunning. Although the temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Great Chackri Palace from the 19th century stand ou, not to mention the lovely gardens.

By taxi or tuk tuk, you get there. Five minutes’ walk from Tha Thien Pier, also across the river.

From Monday through Sunday, it is open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and entry is roughly 12 euros.

2- Boat tour on the Chao Phraya River

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

One of the greatest ways to view Bangkok is by taking a ride on the Chao Phraya. in particular because the river is close to attractions like Chinatown, the Grand Palace, or the Mercado de las Flores

And thus, the city is visible from the boat in a different light. In fact, the view of places like the Wat Arun temple and its enormous golden stupa from the deck is one that no one ever forgets.

Every day from six in the morning until seven at night, the express boats operate. The cost is 0.38 euros. Their distinctive flag is orange.

3- The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

It is renowned for housing the enormous, 43-meter-tall statue of the reclining Buddha made of mother-of-pearl, glass, gold leaf, and other precious materials. One of the largest Buddha statues you will ever see. It is also one of Bangkok’s oldest temples. In fact, here is where the nation’s first university was established. The temple also houses the first recognised Thai massage school. Should you choose to take one.

The admission fee is 6 euros, and it is open from 8 until 5 in the afternoon, except from 12 until 1.

Taxis, Tuc Tucs, or the Saphan Taksin BTS station may take you there in about 10 minutes from the Grand Palace.

4- The Icon Siam Shopping Center, tourism and luxury shopping in Bangkok

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

More than 500 stores and 100 eateries can be found in Icon Siam. Most notably, it is well-known for its upscale shops like Vuitton, Dior, and Hermes. Along with other companies like Apple and the premium Takashimaya brand from Japan. Additionally, it has its own floating market and art gallery. One of the top sightseeing excursions in Bangkok due to the river vistas and variety on offer. Its outdoor fountain also has a fantastic sound and light performance. It is available for viewing Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m. and on Friday through Sunday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

A free boat runs from the pier close to Saphan Taksin BTS station to 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd. From 10:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night.

5- The temple of Wat Ratchabophit

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

After visiting Europe, King Rama V permitted erecting this Buddhist temple in the 19th century. As a result, the main structure is designed in a neo-Gothic manner, while the roof includes Italian elements. In addition, the 43-meter-tall magnificent golden stupa and the lovely white pagoda cemetery stand out. Strangely, this temple in Bangkok is not yet extremely popular with tourists and is rather calm.

One kilometre separates it from the Grand Palace. It is free to enter and is open from six in the morning to six in the afternoon.

6- The Hindu Temple of Sri Mariamman

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

It is situated in the Hindu neighbourhood of Little India. The access tower stands out the most due to its abundance of colour and relief Hindu deity sculptures. Despite the fact that Mariamman, the goddess of health, is honoured at the temple. As a result, several shops sell garlands for offerings in the adjacent streets.

From the Hua Lamphong BTS station, a 5-minute walk. Or, if applicable, ten minutes’ walk from the Memorial Bridge pier, beside the river.

7- Lumpini Park, an anti-stress for tourism in Bangkok

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

The capital’s lungs are in this early 20th-century park. Many of its residents decide to play sports there as a result. It is also perfect for going for walks or sailing a small boat on the lake. If you want to relax and forget about your worries while taking in Bangkok’s attractions, this is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it serves as a first-contact activity with the city after arriving.

Tuk-tuk and taxis can easily get you there. Although the Saladaeng BTS station, which is just in front of it, also has exited.

8- The Jim Thompson House-Museum

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Jim Thompson’s home is really a collection of six traditional stilt dwellings in the Thai style. Those who enjoy architecture and are touring Bangkok will find the visit most interesting. The location is also enigmatic since, in 1960, a silk merchant vanished into thin air in the Malaysian rainforest.

The fee for visiting the home is around 5.20 euros, and it is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Despite the fact that it is free to see and the gardens are lovely. There is a restaurant there as well as a Jim Thompson store.

The National Stadium BTS stop is not far from it.

Night Sightseeing in Bangkok

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

The city of Bangkok never stops. So there are many possibilities for nighttime sightseeing. Then, let’s look at the places that need to be visited after sunset.

9- Bangkok’s Chinatown

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Its distinctive and chaotic design has made it one of Bangkok’s most well-known tourist areas. It is among the top spots to go for supper, aside from the daytime stores and companies. Yaowarat, the main street, is lined with eateries and food stands at night. A must-visit location for anybody visiting Bangkok who enjoys fine cuisine. mostly due to the fact that the food is delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced.

Taxis, tuk-tuks, and the Chinatown MRT station are all options for getting there. Docks 4 Rachawongse and 5 Marine Dep provide access to the river.

10- The Mahanakorn, tourism of heights in Bangkok

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Travelers visiting Bankgok should consider climbing to the roof of the Mahanakorn, the nation’s highest structure. Especially because the floor is constructed of glass and the city views are spectacular. However, I must tell you that it is for being courageous since it much impresses. Additionally, the structure itself is incredibly contemporary and intriguing. In reality, it is rather oddly shaped and has a pixelated appearance.

From 10 in the morning to 12 at night, the Mahanakorn is open. The BTS Chong Nonsi station is nearby. The cost to access the roof is 1050 Baht.

11- Patpong market

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

One of Bangkok’s most well-known shopping destinations is this night market. Almost everything may be purchased. Due to the numerous Go Go ladies clubs in the vicinity, it is not advised to bring children. Even when nothing happens, observing the surroundings, taking in the beauty, and making a purchase without entering the building is advisable.

Everyday from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m. It is accessible via the Sala Daeng or Chong Nonsi BTS stations in the Silom district.

12- The Sirocco terrace

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Going for a drink on the terrace of the Sirocco bar at the State Tower, on Silom street, is a terrific idea if you’re touring in Bangkok. Particularly considering that you get access to some of the most breathtaking views of Bangkok from the top of the structure. There is a restaurant as well, although it is pretty pricey, so there are other decent alternatives in Bangkok. In fact, the site’s costs have significantly increased since it was featured in “Hangover 2: Now in Thailand.”

6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. hours of operation Saphan Taksin is the closest BTS station. The Sathorn Central wharf provides access to the river for it.

13- The Soi Cowboy

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

Along with Pat Pong and Nana Plaza, it is one of the city’s “red light districts”. Its plot starts in the 1970s when a former American soldier who insisted on donning a cowboy hat started a bar. Hence, the neighborhood’s name. The ambiance is rather risqué, and there are several bars with Go-Go girls there. It has however grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok and is fairly safe and calm.

It is located on a street that runs parallel to Sukhumvit Road, in the area between Sukhumvit Soi 21 and Soi 23. You can get there easily from the Asok and Sukhumvit stations on the skytrain.

14- Asiatique, night shopping in Bangkok

Tourism in Bangkok: visits that you should not miss

This riverfront market is the best place to shop at night when exploring Bangkok. It is situated in the old East Asiatic Company docks. It contains 40 eateries and more than 1,500 booths. There are also locals for muay thai wrestling and ladyboys. Additionally, there is a huge Ferris wheel and a puppet theatre. Even though it is a tourist destination, taking the whole family there is a terrific idea.

Open from 5:00 in the afternoon until 2:00 in the evening. You may get a cab from the Saphan Taksin BTS stop or take a free boat to get there.

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