WHERE TO STAY in PHUKET: Best Areas, Towns, Beaches

Plan to spend your vacation on this island. You should do some research beforehand to determine which parts of Phuket offer the most desirable places to stay, as well as those that are the most suitable for you personally, in order to ensure that you have the most enjoyable time.

The most visited island in Thailand is Phuket, which is also the most well-liked. It is a sizable island with a variety of distinct regions and beaches. Patong and Surin Beach, for instance, have no connection to one another.

Of course, each person’s individual preferences play a large role in determining the ideal place to sleep in Phuket. While some individuals enjoy a bustling neighborhood with nightlife and shopping, others want a more untamed and serene natural setting apart from the crowds.

Given that Phuket is bigger, has more beaches, and, as I’ve already indicated, they are all very distinct from one another, the decision-making process there is a little more difficult than on other Thai islands.

The majority of Thai islands with tourist development often have one or two places that are moderately developed, while the remainder of their beaches are typically similar in terms of both tourist development and peace and quiet. In this regard, Phuket differs a little.

Because Phuket is such a big island—about 50 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide—and because it has so many different kinds of beaches, it’s common to be unsure about where to stay when looking for the finest location to stay in Phuket while on vacation.

The best areas to stay in Phuket


Go by components first. The west coast and some of the south coast of Phuket have some of the nicest beaches. There are beaches for every preference throughout the entire stretch of coastline from Mai Khao to Chalong Bay.

Patong and Karon are busiest, with the most hotels and visitors. Following that, there are some with a more moderate development, such as Kata or Bang Tao, and those that are extremely tranquil, like Mai Khao or Kamala.

In any event, Phuket boasts a vast selection of beaches, so no matter what you’re searching for, there’s bound to be one there. It contains so many that a list like this one cannot possibly include them all.

As a result, I’ve created this list of some of what I consider to be the top hotels in Phuket, complete with descriptions of each beach.

Mai Khao Beach, where to stay in Phuket in a natural area without mass tourism


The Sirinat National Park spans 68 kilometers of coastline and is situated in the north of the island, 15 minutes from the airport. This park includes the outstanding beaches of Mai Khao Beach, Nai Yang Beach, and Hat Nai Thon.

The longest beach in Phuket is Mai Khao Beach, which stretches for 17 kilometers. Since construction is strictly regulated because it is a part of this park, it is one of the least developed tourist areas.

There aren’t many options for lodging when you compare its extension to the hotel selection. It is an entirely wild and natural region.

One of the less crowded beaches is this one. In fact, unless it’s the weekend or a holiday, you can walk for kilometers without encountering anyone.

Nevertheless, the majority of hotels are located in the vicinity of the airport. There are also a few resorts along the coast, ranging in class from the most luxurious to the most basic.

Nai Yang Beach, where to sleep in Phuket for a super quiet beach vacation

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Five kilometers south of Mai Khao is a beautiful beach called Nai Yang Beach, which is highly well-liked by Thai people. There are few hotels, many eateries, and beach bars, and it is really quiet. Nevertheless, it is more animated than Mai Khao Beach.

There isn’t much to do in Nai Yang but rest, relax, and sunbathe. Besides being a convenient entry point to the Sirinath National Park.

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is the best spot for those seeking peace and quiet.

The lodging options are not numerous, but they are varied. There are a few five-star resorts, a few mid-range properties, and several hostels and cheap hotels available.

Nai Thon, typical tropical beach with jungle area

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For its part, Nai Thon is one of Phuket’s gems. My favourite beach, actually. It is one of the few beaches that has evaded beach resort developers’ appetite (although, as is the case with the rest of the island, there is more and more construction).

Nai Thon is a typical little tropical beach that is surrounded by dense forest. Few accommodations, eateries, and services, but a great place to stay in Phuket and unwind for a few days away from the throngs of tourists.

Bang Tao Beach, where to stay in Phuket in a luxury resort

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With nearly 8 kilometers of sand, Bang Tao is deserving of a spot on any list of the top beaches in Phuket. Some of the greatest and biggest resorts on the island are located along its very long white-sand beach with turquoise waves.

This beach is connected to the magnificent Laguna Phuket, one of Asia’s largest hotel complexes.

The Dominican Republic’s beaches or the Riviera Maya, with their enormous luxury resorts, are most similar to this region. Despite the fact that this kind of lodging predominates, there is a section of the beach where the majority of the budget and average lodging options are located.

Bang Tao is the perfect destination for a leisurely getaway with a top-notch hotel and beach.

Surin Beach, where to stay in Phuket in an exclusive area


Small Surin Beach, which is next to Bang Tao Beach, is one of Phuket’s most exquisite and secluded beaches.

Luxury villas and upscale resorts predominate in this area. Surin Beach is home to some of the island’s greatest resorts. Options for those on a limited budget are restricted.

It has a really pleasant environment, is relatively tranquil, and has nothing to do with Patong Beach. Both foreigners and Thais are drawn to it.

Surin is a great option for a stay in Phuket if you’re searching for a little bit of class and refinement during your beach vacation and you have the money.

Kamala Beach, where to stay in Phuket as a family

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One of my favorites is Kamala. It is one of Phuket’s most picturesque locations and is situated in a small bay surrounded by jungle hills, north of Patong Beach. Its beach is fantastic, and the emerald green and turquoise waves are the ideal color for swimming.

Though it is a fairly calm beach during the day, there are some spots to go out and enjoy a few drinks in a tranquil setting at night. On occasion, a celebration is held on the beach.

Families, young couples, long-term visitors, Phuket repeaters, young individuals, and a lot of backpackers are among the variety of visitors it draws.

It is perfect for unwinding on the beach, taking advantage of the pubs and restaurants that are located above the beach, renting a motorcycle to explore the nearby beaches, and getting closer to Patong, which is not far away from nightlife.

The lodging is mostly designed with low and medium budgets in mind. There aren’t many ultra-luxury resorts here, unlike at other, more well-known beaches.

Patong Beach, where to stay in Phuket to party


The most popular area for tourists is Patong Beach. It is a typical example of a city that sprang up around a beautiful beach, becoming a concrete jungle of tall buildings that draws throngs of tourists. 

The traditional Thai beach you picture, with white sand and a lush jungle in the background, is most definitely not Patong. Nevertheless, it features a nice beach that is situated in a stunning bay with lush, verdant sides. The beach is long and broad, and the water is crystal clear.

It has everything you could possibly need, including street sellers, restaurants, pubs, hammocks, umbrellas, and countless opportunities for participating in water sports.

Because of the beach’s size, there are never too many people for you to handle. Patong Beach is the spot with the most activity and leisure options on the entire island. There is always work to be done. There are numerous bars, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and shopping centers.

It is renowned for having a busy nightlife that is centered on Bangla Road. Adult entertainment venues can be found along the route in addition to the usual taverns and nightclubs. Numerous large venues include girls and ladyboys dancing in the bars.

Even if the ambiance is a little grungy, it’s definitely a night out if you’re in Phuket to check it out.

Although it is a highly busy location, Patong is very well-liked by families, visitors who take vacation packages, Asians (who seek out locations with leisure and shopping), as well as young people and guys who have long since finished being youthful and are looking for drink and sex.

The huge diversity of rates and ranges that it offers in its hotels is one of its strong qualities. Phuket is one of the most costly places to visit in Thailand, although Patong has a tonne of options for affordable and decent lodging, as well as a tonne of mid-range hotels.

Additionally, it houses some of the island’s most opulent and elite resorts. The latter is situated farther from the beach’s hub, where Bangla Road is, and in more peaceful locations.

Karon Beach, where to stay in Phuket

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The second-most popular beach in Phuket is Karon, which is approximately 5 kilometers from Patong. Despite being popular with tourists, this beach is far less developed than its neighbor Patong. It’s a lovely location with everything you might want without traveling to Patong’s excesses and problems.

It is a highly comprehensive location that not only has everything but also has a great beach. The beach is 2.5 kilometers long, clean, and great for swimming. Although I think there are beaches in Phuket that are far finer than this one, such as its neighbor Kata Beach, it is a really good beach.

Karon and Kata are two beaches that are frequently promoted as part of package excursions.

Many families, honeymooning couples, and individuals seeking a good beach with a bit of everything—including entertainment and a vibrant nightlife—visit it to avoid the gap that is Patong Beach.

I don’t think it’s a terrible place to go, but I don’t understand the point of going there just to stay on a beach like Karon. I would prefer Kata Beach if I were searching for somewhere in between a good beach and a destination that has a little bit of everything. Similar to Kata, but much more serene and endearing.

However, if you use Karon as a base camp from which to go on excursions (such as to Phi Phi and Phang Nga Bay), visit other beaches in Phuket, and spend one night at Patong Beach, it might be a decent choice.

Kata Beach, very popular with families and couples


If you want to mix relaxing beach days with nights where you can go out to eat, have a drink, and enjoy a less boisterous nightlife than Patong Beach or Karon, Kata is one of the most highly recommended beaches in Phuket.

The setting is lovely. It is situated relatively close to Karon Beach, in a bay to the south of it. Its two beaches, Kata Yai, which is the larger, and Kata Noi, which is the smaller and quieter, are separated by crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and palm trees.

Many of the families and couples on their honeymoon are especially fond of Kata.

Karon and Kata seem somewhat similar and are offered by numerous travel firms, which causes many people to decide between them.

Keep using Kata if you’re on the fence about the two. If you ever desire more action than what Kata offers any given night, you are close to both Patong and Karon. It also has a lot more charm.

The bulk of the hotels in Kata is on the seashore or quite close to it, and there is a fair selection for every price. a few resorts on the slope that separates the two beaches, with outstanding views, should be highlighted.

Nai Harn Beach, one of the best beaches on the south coast


Not one of my favorite beaches is on the south coast. They are not as good for swimming as those on the west coast, much like the east coast. Despite being lovely, the south coast’s beaches don’t particularly appeal to me (although I understand that other person like that type of beach).

The most well-known places in the south are Nai Harn, Rawai, the region around Chalong Bay, Panwa Cape, and Panwa Beach.

Because they frequently lack the ideal sandy seabed, south coast beaches are typically not as good as west coast beaches for swimming.

The only exceptions are Nai Harn Beach and the nearby town of Rawai, both of which I wholeheartedly suggest for a visit to Phuket’s southern region.

One of the nicest beaches on the South Coast is Nai Harn Beach, if not the best. It is a stunning and tranquil beach that is highly recommended, and there aren’t many hotels there.

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