16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

When a guy goes to Thailand, his first thought is to go to Bangkok and get a nice soapy massage. So, just what is a soap massage? For those who are unfamiliar with this massage approach, it starts with a visit to a massage parlor, where you may relax with a drink while a female is chosen.

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16 Best Soapy Massages in Bangkok

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

This location is readily accessible via cab or MRT. This page contains a list of soap massage parlors in Bangkok, some of which may or may not provide soap massage but are situated nearby.

The salons in Huay Kwang mostly cater to Asian clientele from other countries, although whites are also welcome.

Check out our comprehensive guide to soap massages in Bangkok.

Smooci Bangkok

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

Smooci is the most convenient method to receive massages at home. You may pick a date using their website; just enter your time and number of hours, and the site will show you all the available females to visit you.

Depending on the time and day, there may be up to 100 females available. Smooci provides several fantastic features, such as date tracking through the internet. After you’ve reserved a lady, you can see where she is right now and how long it will take her to arrive at your hotel or residence.

This eliminates the stress of waiting for hours, particularly for those gals who don’t simply drop by on occasion. The whole procedure is discrete and confidential. You may look at the Thai Girls.

Absolute massage Bangkok

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

Absolute massage is located in Sukhumvit 22. This massage establishment in Bangkok provides home, in-home, erotic, sensual, kinky, and tantric massages. They also provide couples massage, foot fetish, and other services.

The lounge is pretty low-key, yet they provide some excellent services. To discover more about their services, go to their website. This Bangkok salon provides an excellent soapy massage.

Kiss Bangkok massage (at home and away from home)

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

A well-known soap massage business in Bangkok called Natalee was raided a few years ago, and numerous masseuses and customers were hauled away for interrogation at the police station.

So, if you want to experience and enjoy the greatest soap massage in Bangkok in a very secure and private manner, check out Kiss Bangkok Massage Parlor’s services.

The ladies can either come to your hotel or apartment, or you can meet them in the lounge, and they will securely and discreetly give you a soapy massage.

Bangkok Passion Massage

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

Check out Bangkok Passion Massage if you’re seeking the greatest soapy massage in Bangkok. They provide a variety of treatments, including soap massage. They offer a lounge on Sukhumvit Soi 22, and guests are welcome in your room.

Body bliss massage

Body Bliss Massage provides a wide range of treatments in your home, whether it’s an Airbnb or a hotel in Bangkok. All you have to do is book a bathtub-equipped room, publish what you contact them with, and ask which females provide the finest service. In Bangkok, you may get a soapy massage.

Bangkok bunny massage

Bangkok Bunny Massage, situated on Sukhumvit 22, is a relatively new massage business that provides a broad selection of treatments with a happy ending or complete service included every time. The service rates are set and displayed on the website.

Soapy Poseidon

Poseidon Soap Massage Parlor Bangkok is Located in the Huay Kwang neighborhood and is about an 8-minute walk from the MRT station. The location is easy to identify, and the name of the salon is inscribed on the side of the building.

Once inside, you may ask Papasan about the prices of the females, which are usually between 2,700 and 3,000 baht.

Each massage lasts around 2 hours and is a typical massage. The salon has three storeys, and the higher the floor you go, the hotter the ladies are, as well as their price. The top-floor girls might cost up to 10,000 baht.

The Poseidon Soapy massage parlor features a bar and lounge area where you may relax, and the staff is really nice. The girls are standing behind the fish tank.

Hello soapy class

At Hi Class Soap Massage Parlor in Bangkok, a few females provide the soap massage while others provide Thai massage. You may ask the mamasan to find out which females perform soap massage and which do not.

The females in this salon cost roughly 2,200 baht, and although there aren’t many alternatives, there are some lovely girls.

There isn’t much seating, and the mothers are a little aggressive about picking the girls. There are no fish tanks in this room, and just a little barrier separates the females. The massage lasts around 1.5 hours.

Emmanuel Soapy Massage Parlor

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

Emmanuel Soapy Parlor is more equipped, with a huge sitting area and a bar. There are several chicks to pick from, as well as numerous hot soapy girls. Depending on the female, prices vary from 2,800 to 6,000 baht.

If you want a lady to give the soap massage, you must pay an extra 600 baht. Otherwise, she’ll simply receive a regular massage.

This area has no fish tank, and the females sit on a couch on the stage. Different couches are priced differently. The majority of the females working here come from the Nataree Soapy salon, which was shuttered due to a raid.

Nataree Soapy Massage (CLOSED)

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

The s*xiest females were in Nataree massage soapy parlor in Bangkok. On Friday night, there were around 50 females or more, and the price of these ladies in the fish tank was about 2,000 baht; these girls are often older and heavier.

The s*xiest young ladies on the chairs cost roughly 2600 baht. Finally, in a corner, there is a bank where the females came for a price of about 4,000-6,000 baht. So there’s enough skill to go around.

Only the females in the fish tank provide the soapy massage; the others simply give you a regular massage. The staff is really pleasant. You may get food and drink here. This was Bangkok’s greatest Soap session Parlor, and the session lasted 1.5 hours. 

This facility included a couch as well as a fish tank section, and you could also talk to the females in the sofa area. However, Nataree was closed due to allegations of underage employees. The Nataree girls have relocated to several Bangkok soap massage parlors.

The Lord

The Lord is not one of Bangkok’s cheapest soap massage parlors, with females starting at 5000 baht. However, in terms of quality and service, it is without a doubt the finest in the Huay Kwang region.

Soap room at Caesars Entertainment Complex

Caesars is just across the street from Nataree. They only have a few females whose costs range from 2,900 to 6,500 baht. The females do not do a Soap Massage Bangkok, but they do provide an oil massage that lasts 1.5 hours.

Amsterdam Bangkok

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

Amsterdam Bangkok Soap Massage Parlor is a short walk from the Huay Kwang district, or you may take a cab there. Girls cost between 2,500 and 6,000 baht. Some of the females here will provide the soap massage, but the more beautiful ones are hesitant to do so.

Soapy massage in Phetchaburi

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

There are several massage in bangkok establishments in and around Phetchaburi. The issue here is that the rooms are too far apart to stroll from one to the other.

Love Boat, currently called as Long Beach, and Le Belle lounges are two choices in this neighborhood.

Soapy Massage Annies Bangkok

The Annies Soapy Massage Parlor in Bangkok is not worth going or spending money on since the females are very obese and unattractive. Because it is the only massage parlor on Nana Soi 4, it is a popular salon.

There are only around 10-12 females, and only one of them is attractive. For just 1.5 hours, the females charge roughly 2900 baht. The location is readily accessible.

Eden Club Bangkok

16 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok 2023: what to expect from them?

The Eden Club is the only massage parlor in Bangkok where you must choose two females for your treatment.

A trio will set you back 4000 baht. Girls aren’t all that attractive. You can take a drink at the bar while simultaneously looking at the beauties.

There is a yellow line in this room. You may have anal intercourse with the females that stand in front of this yellow line. Girls who do not pass the yellow line do not have anal intercourse.

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