8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

Keeping yourself well hydrated is essential if you want to make it through Thailand’s punishing and unforgiving heat. If you find yourself desperately in need of a drink, you can satisfy your parched throat with one of the one-of-a-kind beverages that are available in Thailand. Find out some of the most mouthwatering Thai beverages you have to taste by reading this article.

Pomegranate Juice

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

Taking a mental break with one of these freshly squeezed juices is, without a doubt, the most effective approach to combat the oppressive heat that pervades Thailand. You will be able to observe the process in which the pulp of the fruit of your choosing is broken up right in front of your eyes and placed into a thin plastic bottle. Although there is a wide variety of fruit juices available for your consumption, pomegranate juice is one of our personal favorites. Pomegranates are not only rich in fibre and antioxidants but also contain a considerable amount of vitamin C, making them another fruit that is helpful to your health. Since many of Thailand’s drinks have a lot of sugar, it’s lovely to enjoy a beverage that truly helps your body rather than harming it, especially since many of Thailand’s drinks contain a lot of sugar.

Orange Juice

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

In recent times, there has been a lot of debate about the delicious orange juice that is produced in Thailand. In May of 2016, a picture on social media showing a couple manufacturing “fake” orange juice went viral. Photos show the pair making the juice in a tub on their property, adding orange juice concentrate, water, food colouring, and artificial sweeteners to form a drink that is similar to orange juice. Since that time, government officials in Thailand have started cracking down on businesses that offer this popular beverage. However, genuine orange juice can be purchased all around Thailand, and it is widely considered one of the country’s most popular beverages, both among Thais and among visitors from other countries. Orange juice in Thailand, much like the cuisine here, mixes two distinct flavors into a single beverage.

Sugar Cane Juice

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

If you have a craving for sweets, then you just must purchase a bottle of sugar cane juice before you leave Thailand. This beverage is typically made from actual sugar cane, which, after being processed by the robust machinery required to manufacture it, is typically seen lying lifeless next to a seller. Because of the robust flavor, this beverage is quite sugary, making it challenging to consume in a short time.

Grass Jelly Drinks

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

Grass jelly is a popular treat throughout Thailand. There are sweets made with grass jelly that consist of Chao kuai, also known as black jelly, that is combined with ice, water, and then dusted with brown sugar. Although grass jelly can be added to other foods, such as coconut ice cream, our team finds that mixing it with beverages is the most enjoyable way to consume this peculiar component. Before adding the beverage of your choice, the jello cubes are cut and placed in plastic cups. The beverage of your choice might occasionally include a variety of teas, juices, and other beverages. You’ll frequently come across cups that are just partially full of jello cannabis, allowing you the opportunity to finish the cup with anything you like.

Coconut water

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

You will find coconut water that has already been prepared, which will have been placed in a large cylinder or container before being collected in a cup for your consumption. After being removed from their tough husks, the thick, luscious slices of coconut are next combined with water. You can obtain coconut water that is freshly extracted, or vendors might add a lot of sugar water to it so that it has a more spicy flavor.

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8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

Smoothies in Thailand are known for their complexity. You can’t go wrong by ordering any of these beverages, which range from watermelon smoothies served in their own watermelon bowls to a freshly blended combo of carrots, dragon fruit, and other ingredients, among other options. The ingredients in many of these smoothies are chosen for their particular beneficial effects on one’s health; for instance, you can ask for a pineapple, orange, and apple smoothie to aid in digestion. You won’t want to give up these amazing beverages even after you leave the Kingdom because Thailand has such a diverse range of delectable fruits and they are always picked at the peak of their freshness according to the country’s year-round harvesting practices.


8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

There is a diverse selection of specialty coffees available in Thailand. On the one hand, this beverage is included on the list due to its abundance of it and the ease with which it can be obtained. It’s possible that street vendors selling coffee from their carts are not the best option for someone who considers themselves a coffee enthusiast. In spite of this, the majority of these coffee stands offer delicious iced coffee for the low price of 25 (less than $1), so it can be worthwhile to take advantage of the discount. These stands provide a selection of beverages made with coffee, such as lattes and mochas. If you don’t enjoy drinks that are overly sweet, make sure to tell the barista to leave out the condensed milk in your beverage; it appears to be his ingredient of choice. In addition, there are a lot of coffee shops specializing in a variety of beverages, particularly in the more populous and urban regions of Thailand.

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Thai Iced Milk Tea

8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try In Thailand

One of Thailand’s most well-liked beverages is known as chai yen. Every morning, Thai people all around the country, regardless of their mode of transportation—be it a train, a motorcycle, or a boat—will have one hand swaying from the weight of a bag of tea around their wrist. Its brilliant orange hue can be intimidating to those from other countries, but you shouldn’t let this drink’s peculiar appearance prevent you from savoring its great flavor. This beverage is made using an excessive amount of condensed milk as well as evaporated milk. Don’t quote us on this, but it does not appear to be harmful in any way, and it is, without a doubt, one of the most delicious beverages that can be found in Thailand. Although we do not fully understand why it is this orange color, we can say with absolute certainty that it is.

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