Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a popular tourist destination in Thailand that is known for its vibrant nightlife and adult entertainment industry. One type of adult entertainment that is popular in Pattaya is soapy massage, which is a type of erotic massage that involves the use of soap and water to provide a sensual and stimulating experience. Soapy massages can be found in different areas in Pattaya, including the famous “Soi 6” street, the Walking Street, and the Second Road areas. In this article, we will focus on exploring where soapy massages are done in Pattaya and the city’s general body massage scene.

Foot massage

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Tourists enjoy foot massage almost as much as oil massage. Acupuncture methods are employed on foot during the operation. To push certain spots, special sticks are needed.

Clients wash their feet before beginning the massage; it is best to come to the process after a long walk to enjoy and thoroughly relax. The organs and systems of the body are represented on the foot. As a result, you can achieve complete recovery by massaging simply the feet.

Neck and back (Back Massage)

Massage is given to the neck, back, and coccyx. Sensitive pressure alternates with light motions. The method aids in the treatment of insomnia, lethargy, and headaches. The state of the body determines the appropriate number of operations; typically, the course consists of three to ten visits to the massage therapist.

Heads and faces (Head Massage)

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Head massage can assist with hair growth issues and headaches. Women are more likely to massage their faces. The master’s light circular motions are paired with point acupuncture – pressure on specific places. Complex skin care is performed during the treatment, including moisturizing, washing, and the use of a scrub.

Slimming (Slim Massage)

Aids in the removal of cellulite in women. The masseuse employs a variety of creams to increase blood circulation in troubled regions. The method comprises shock and patting movements that soften subcutaneous fat deposits and level the body’s shape while tightening the skin. To get the desired result, a series of steps must be completed. Varicose veins are a contraindication.

Herbal bags (Herbal Thai)

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

The masseuse places warm herb bags in particular locations on the body. The process heals the joints, improves the overall health of the body, and enhances mood.

This is one of the most unusual and costly forms of massage; depending on the salon’s popularity, the cost of one operation ranges from 300 to 3000 baht.

Hot stones (Stone Massage)

This massage is most commonly encountered in major salons. It aids in the relief of muscle tiredness, stress, and nervous tension. The application of stones happens in a certain order, heated and cold.

How to choose a massage parlor in Pattaya

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Where can you get the greatest Thai massage in Pattaya? Nobody will respond to this question. We are all unique individuals that interpret massage treatments differently and have varied expectations from the sessions. Those who are satisfied and those who have been disappointed leave the same salon.

The quality of massage in Pattaya has nothing to do with the establishment’s or rates’ pretentiousness. The master determines everything. What should I do? Talk to others who have had massages before you, or check internet reviews. The greatest, in our opinion, are the ancient offices that have been there for a long time and where veteran masseurs have been working for a long time.

In Pattaya, there are several massage parlors with young gorgeous females that stare curiously at the foreigners who open the door. Such places are popular, but not for people seeking the greatest Thai massage. These are body massage and other sensual pleasure parlors. Everyone finds what they are seeking in Pattaya!

Prices for massage

Massage in Pattaya is virtually always the same price. On the beach, 50-100 baht is more costly than at street salons. Apart from the sea, there are possibilities for 50 baht less than what is listed here. We analyze the cost of services in street massage parlors rather than professional spas. It might be 200-1000 baht more costly for them. Naturally, they don’t let just anybody in, so you can be confident that only certified personnel will massage you.

Soi Buakao has the lowest massages, with Thai and foot massages costing 100-150 baht and oil costing 200 baht. Some locations have regular prices, which are shown below.

So, the prices for massage in Pattaya are as follows (for 1 hour):

  • foot massage and traditional Thai massage – 200 baht;
  • oil massage – 300 baht;
  • head + back – 200 baht;
  • massage with aloe vera, coconut oil, milk, aromatherapy, manicure and pedicure – 400 baht;
  • “Continuation” of massage: “manual” work – 500 baht, oral s~e~x – 600-700, classic – 800-1000 baht.

Tipping is optional, however with such low massage fees, it is fairly easy to provide an extra 50-100 baht. If you decide to offer less than 40 baht, save the money for yourself since the masseuse will interpret these pennies as a giveaway to the beggar and will be quite offended.

Remember that tips are one of the main sources of revenue for masseuses. She receives half of the proceeds from each massage session from the “cash desk.” A foot massage, for example, costs 200 baht, and she only receives 100 baht. If you got a “massage with a continuation,” there is no need to tip because you have paid for it. Otherwise, they will become accustomed to it and want a larger price or a gratuity the following time.

Thai massage types

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Many varieties of massage are conducted in Thai salons, each with its own qualities and function. Oil massage is the gentlest choice, although many people prefer traditional Thai massage for the richness of feelings and the attainment of a therapeutic impact. In each situation, it is best to follow the advice of a competent massage therapist regarding the duration of the course and the style of massage.


Massage is conducted while the customer wears a special outfit. Stretching and pushing are the techniques used. It may appear difficult for those of normal build, skinny and thin. This massage necessitates some flexibility and a healthy back.

The technique is intended to restore vitality. You’ll have to be patient as the masseuse positions the vertebrae and joints, and you won’t be able to relax and fall asleep throughout the treatment.

Oil (Oilmassage)

The greatest first-time alternative, appropriate for men and women of varied sizes. Thai plant-based oils were used in the performance (jasmine, magnolia, coconut, etc.).

This is a popular soothing massage among visitors. Natural oils, which the masseuse massages into the nude body in a certain sequence, supplement the advantages of massaging techniques. A single session lasts one hour.

How does a massage parlor look?

It can appear enormous and little, one-story or two-story from the outside. The Massage sign (frequently copied in Russian in recent years) and ladies of all ages seated at the door make it easy to identify. They usually wear the same work clothing. If you go by, you will nearly always be addressed as “Mr. massaaa” (they used to say “Hello, massaaa,” but this has been less common in recent years).

Almost everything inside the massage parlor is the same – seats for massaging the legs, head, and shoulders, and beds for Thai and oil massage (which are drawn with curtains, creating some privacy). If the salon is large or two-story, there may be little 2×2 m rooms for oil massage. Because there is air conditioning practically everywhere, massage in Pattaya takes place in a pleasant setting rather than a stifling one.

Many salon owners hang pictures on the walls, place flowers, and purchase vases with overflowing water in order to stand out and create a more comfortable ambiance (such as mini-waterfalls). Relaxing music with oriental elements is possible.

You are free to select your preferred masseuse. If you claim you came for a massage, the person whose turn it is currently will give you one.

Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Soapy massage is a type of erotic massage that is offered in some establishments in Pattaya, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and adult entertainment industry.

One of the most well-known areas for soapy massage in Pattaya is the famous “Soi 6” street, which is located in the central Pattaya area. Soi 6 has a large number of bars and massage parlors that offer various types of adult entertainment, including soapy massages.

Other areas in Pattaya where you may find soapy massages include the Walking Street and Second Road areas, which also have many bars and massage parlors that offer adult entertainment services.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the legality of soapy massages can be questionable, and there have been reports of s~e~x trafficking and other illegal activities in some establishments. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable and ethical establishment if you choose to seek out a soapy massage in Pattaya.

How to Choose the Best Massage Parlor in Pattaya

First and foremost, the salon should be spacious and well-kept. Every decent massage establishment in Pattaya has three floors.

The first floor is entirely made of glass, and foot massage is performed there, as viewed through the glass.

Traditional Thai and herbal bag massages are performed on the second level, where you are provided special pajamas consisting of loose shorts and a shirt. There are salons where this pajama is simply not accessible, or when there is no shirt, indicating that this establishment is not imprisoned for massage, but where they do continuous massage.

On the third level, an oil massage or an oil massage is conducted, and other forms of massage, such as aroma massage or a complete body scrub, are also available.

While approaching the massage parlor, glance immediately at the contingent in front of the entrance; if they are simply young females, and they grab your hands and offer you an oil massage right away, this is a s~e~x tourism establishment, not a massage parlor. When someone comes in for a massage, he always wants a conventional Thai massage or a foot massage. And if a client comes in for an oil massage, it automatically indicates that he requires s~e~x. The same thing happens if the masseuses start offering you an oil massage right away, implying a continuance.

If you don’t want to continue, just move to the next salon, of which there are more than flies.

There are network massage parlors, one of which I suggest is Ring Massage on Second Street in Downtown Pattaya.

Excellent salons are always in well-lit areas, not in doors or in red-light districts. You won’t find a competent masseuse on alleys like Soi 6 or Soi Honey, despite the fact that there are more massage parlors and masseuses here than everywhere else. The same can be said for the whole Soi Buakhao strip, where a 60-minute massage costs 149 baht (less than $5). What is the cost, and what is the quality?

If we’re talking about individual salons, the majority of quality massage parlors in Central Pattaya are located on Second Road, which runs from South Street to Central Street.

And there’s one more thing. Girls in front of the salon’s door hold a sign with services and pricing in their hands, implying that there should be more than three types of massage. If it merely states Food Massage, Oil Massage, and Thai Massage, it means that non-professionals labor here. The services list should have at least 5-10 items.

Pattaya body massage

Body Massage in Pattaya: Where is soapy massage done in Pattaya?

Body massage in Pattaya differs significantly from traditional Thai massage. The key to body massage is that girls do it with their bare bodies as well as their hands. As a result, body massage in Pattaya is quite popular among male tourists.

Pattaya has a total of nine establishments that provide body massage treatments. The three most important are Sabai Room, Sabai Land, and Sabai Dee. The Enormous Palace salon takes first rank among all of them. Here, the male selects the girl who will provide the massage. The decision is as follows. All of the females are positioned on a distinct stage with different colored numbers. The color indicates the worth of this girl’s attractiveness and services. Costs begin at 2500 baht. Customers who have had such a massage before are encouraged to select a somewhat overweight female.

Females attract customers’ attention with smiles, winks, and other movements. Their purpose is to bring a client to them.

After selecting a female, the guest follows her to the room. The accommodation has a Jacuzzi and a king-sized bed. The customer and the girl strip fully. The massage begins with a soak in the jacuzzi. The customer is washed nude by the girl. The massage then proceeds on the bed. Massage employs the use of essential oils. In addition to oils, a massage girl might apply soap foam to the client’s body. The girl also does all massage movements while nude. This type of massage is incredibly calming and also provides the client with new and interesting feelings.

Many guys look forward to continuing their day after receiving a massage. Nonetheless, a girl’s primary role is to frequently massage. Typically, salons will inform the client whether sexual services are included in the purchase of a body massage.

Women are frequently found at salons that offer body massage services, as many salons employ male masseurs. Do not overlook this type of massage and couples. The salon offers bisexual females as a service.

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