How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand

The Ping Pong Show is one of Thailand’s most controversial, provocative, and strange attractions. The show’s foundation is pompoarism, which Thai ladies are renowned for. I went to see what it was like, and I hope this article will help you know what to anticipate, decide if you want to attend, and avoid fraud.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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Ping Pong Show is a series of presentations in which ladies demonstrate what they are capable of achieving with just their vag_ina. Everything they perform is based on pompoarism, a method for strengthening the vag_inal muscles.

The lady who does the performance can, among other things, play ping pong balls, shoot darts with enough power to puncture a balloon, open a glass bottle with a metallic lid, smoke, write (I find it intriguing! ), and blow out candles.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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For all of the presentations, the show lasts roughly 40 minutes. You may stay as long as you like, and as you go in, there is already a show going on. However, since everything repeats itself, you don’t miss anything.

All of the ladies in the show are wearing a bikini top and a skirt, but no underwear. Because it is still a pros__titution house, other ladies dance on the same stage.

The ping pong show is when the lady tosses lubricated ping pong balls to the person with the batting racket. A pompous display. When she performs the balloon act, she uses the power of her vagi_nal muscles to shoot sharp darts with enough force to injure herself if she misses the balloon. The dart always finds its way to the ceiling or wall. Fear.

In her presentation, she encourages people to offer her lines so that she can write using the power of her muscles and the “waddle.” And the lyrics are fantastic. I’ll never forget “Welcome to Pattaya,” written by someone with finer handwriting than mine. Then there’s the performance in which she takes a glass bottle of sparkling water and opens the tin cover, causing water to fly everywhere. There’s the blowing-out candle, which she places herself and uses to extinguish all the other ones.

There are some bizarre performances, such as smoking cigarettes, extracting fabric flowers from within the vagi_na, laying raw eggs on the floor and having them fall into a glass without the shell shattering (it cracks in the glass), and a few other things that make me ill to think about.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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I laughed a lot (nervously), was amazed at moments, and surprised at others. I wanted to exclaim “congratulations” at times, “what do you mean?” at others, and “has no need for it” at others. But, for the most part, I was impressed.

No, the girls that are present are not pleased. I wouldn’t be pleased either if I spent the whole day sticking things into my vagi_na for the gringo to watch how I got it out. They didn’t seem sad or unhappy either.

It seemed that they were working and taking the business seriously, as we all do in our professional life. And every one of my Thai pals (they and they) had the same idea.

At the events I attended (I’m not proud of that plural), there were other people cleaning the bowlines, organizing the stage, collecting tips, in short, cooperation where everyone wins and everyone does the hard labor. 

Beautiful? No. Perhaps prostitution. But my responsibility here is to convey what I witnessed unequivocally. It is entirely up to you whether or not to go. And if you’ve read this far, it’s because your interest has been sparked. I opted to attend once, and the other three times I went to help my local Thai friends who are forbidden from entering (unless accompanied by a foreigner) and who can’t publicly convey to visitors what it’s like and the hazards of scams. Running in these locations. 


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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There is a show where there is “red light street”! It applies to Pattaya (learn more here), Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, and, of course, Bangkok.

The Patpong Night Market in Bangkok is the safest place to be, with multiple performance venues that are all on the same floor. And where there are also, although it’s more difficult to notice, is Soi Cowboy, the street in the film The Hangover Part II, where the shows start from nowhere, without warning. As a result, you may wind up eating much more than if you had paid for the event.

Simply inquire if there is a bar you wish to visit at Soi Cowboy. I don’t recall the name of the one I went to, but I guess it was the Lucky Star, since the pole dancers (who were quite fantastic by the way) were costumed as cowgirls between the Ping Pong Show.

The distinction between Patpong and Soi Cowboy is that you pay 300 baht to enter Patpong and receive one drink. You don’t need to consume any more since the show is already paid for. When you enter the Go-Go on Soi Cowboy (where the ladies dance on the “cheese”), you must keep drinking (+/-180 baht for a beer) without knowing when there will be a performance. Nonetheless, it occurs in fragments. In actuality, Patpong is more extravagant, whereas Soi Cowboy is more discerning. Both last till late at night. 


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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As previously said, I’ve been four times (I’m not proud!). Once on Walking Street in Pattaya out of curiosity to witness it for the first time, once on Soi Cowboy without knowing what was going to happen, and again in Patpong with local friends who were inquisitive but would never be welcomed exactly because they were locals. The three times I paid, it was 300 baht plus 1 beer (Pattaya and Patpong), and I believe the beer on Soi Cowboy was 180 baht.

There will be various agencies on Patpong Street. Choose one that isn’t as dull as the others, and ask to view the location he wants to take you to to check if it isn’t too “rotten” or whether it “does the job.” Because you are unlikely to travel alone, just one member from the group enters and chooses.

You will bargain the price (300 baht plus 1 beer), enter the home, pay the price in front of your agent, and then enjoy the show. Leave when you’re exhausted! The show round lasts around 40 minutes. 

Longneck beer usually costs 80 baht if you want to drink more indoors. Don’t ask for water since the cost is exorbitant.


Keep an eye out since the females will often pass by asking for a tip. So have 20 baht notes on hand at all times. You are not required to tip, although certain shows merit it.

And if you ask to write anything, hit the ping pong ball with the racket, bust the balloon, or participate in any other manner, you must tip, otherwise, the girl will not get out of the way and the performance will be canceled.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand

The most prevalent scam involves the agent claiming that they are not required to pay anything. You just pay for the beer you drink. The property will charge you between 3000 and 5000 baht to leave.

Never agree to enter a location that does not need you to pay ahead of time. This has happened to several of my friends. Typically, this occurs in male-only gatherings, with no women present.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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Aside from the Ping Pong Show, there are additional choices, such as live s~e~x, a men’s show, which is only accessible for women-only groups, a street of gay men’s pubs, Go-Go, and numerous more attractions geared at s~e~x and nearly entirely for males. However, ladies are welcome. It’s not a lovely location, to be honest.


How is the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, Thailand
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  • It is heartbreaking to watch those girls in the Go-Go exposing themselves to pros__titute jobs, particularly in Pattaya, owing to the historical problem of the conflict. This is the type of stuff that has nothing to do with Thailand.
  • Thais are not welcome at these concerts and only enter if accompanied by foreigners. That’s why I visited so many times: I was a foreigner in a group of Thais, and I was performing a favor for my friends who work in tourism and needed to warn travelers about the dangers of visiting this sort of area.
  • Never take photographs inside. You can’t even snap a street shot on Soi Cowboy. If you do, be aware that many foreigners have been hospitalized as a result of this. And it is not due to the pros, but to the customers.


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