Since Railay Beach is one of the most well-known and frequented beaches in the Krabi Province region, you should visit it if you ever find yourself in that part of Thailand. We hope that by the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of how to get to Railay Beach from Krabi Town and that this will make it easier for you to make travel arrangements.

How to get from Krabi to Railay?

How to get from Krabi to Railay

You may either go on your own or purchase a ticket from a local travel agency if you want to get to Railay from Krabi Town. These are your two primary alternatives (either at your hotel or at the waterfront, where all the tourist facilities are located). You can travel on your own, in which case we will provide you with two different routes that you may consider and pick the one that works best for you. Keep reading if you wish to obtain further information.

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Transport from Krabi to Railay:

How to get from Krabi to Railay
  • ​By travel agent – ​If you don’t want to worry about anything, this is the best choice.
  • ​On your own (by Klong Jilad pier)- For those who want to go on their own adventures and save a few bahts.
  • ​On your own (via Ao Nammao Pier) – ​For a more direct boat access point to Railay.

How to go to Railay by a travel agent

How to get from Krabi to Railay

Your travel agent will be in charge of arranging your mode of transportation. You will most likely be picked up from your hotel lobby with a minivan and transferred to Klong Jilad Pier (Krabi Town’s main pier). After that, you will use a public boat to get to Railay Beach.

  • Distance:  ​​From the center of Krabi to the pier is about 3 kilometers. Then, by sea, it is around 12 kilometers.
  • Duration:  ​The journey from the center of Krabi to the pier only takes 5-10 minutes. Once there, you will have to wait for the ship to be complete. Then it’s 25-30 minutes to Railay Beach.
  • Price: ​250 baht.
  • Starting area: ​Not determined.

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How to go to Railay on your own (option 1)

How to get from Krabi to Railay

You may get to the Klong Jilad pier from the main part of Krabi town by boarding a songthaew, which is a sort of van transportation. They leave at regular intervals of around twenty minutes each. Remember that the timetables are not always adhered to, and that there is a possibility of experiencing delays.

After you have arrived at the Krabi port, you will be required to make a payment in order to acquire a one-way ticket to Railay. Between 8:30 in the morning and 5:00 in the evening, the boats will depart every half hour. Private boats are an option to share boats that come at a significant premium in price due to the fact that you will not be sharing the boat with anyone else.

  • Distance:  About 3 km separate the centre of Krabi from the pier. Then, it’s about 12 kilometres by sea.
  • Duration:  ​It only takes 5–10 minutes to get from the centre of Krabi to the pier. Once you get there, you’ll have to wait until the ship is ready. Then Railay Beach is about 25 to 30 minutes away.
  • Price: The price of the songthaew is about 12 baht. Then, the 200-baht public boat to Railay. If you want a private boat, it will cost you between 900 and 1200 baht.
  • Departure area: ​Krabi Town Center.

How to go to Railay on your own (option 2)

How to get from Krabi to Railay

You may take a cab or a white songthaew to get to Ao Nammao Pier from Krabi Town. Alternatively, you can walk there. There, boats go for the island of Railay. You won’t be able to leave until they have finished what they were doing. This alternative will cost you a few bahts and involves travelling the majority of the way to your destination by land as opposed to by water.

  • Distance:  From Krabi to Ao Nammao Pier by land is about 12 kilometres, and from Ao Nammao Pier to Railay Beach by sea is just over 7 kilometres.
  • Duration:  By taxi, it will take 15 minutes to get from Krabi to Ao Nammao. By songthaew, it could take up to an hour. Then, it took about 15–20 minutes to get from Ao Nammao to Railay.
  • Price: It will cost you between 350 and 400 baht to take a taxi from Krabi to Ao Nammao port. It will cost you about 60 baht to take a songthaew. The fee for the boat is 80 baht.
  • Starting area: ​Not determined.
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