Welcome to Thailand, a country that loves and values its children. Every year on the second Saturday of January, Thai people enthusiastically celebrate National Children’s Day. It is a day dedicated solely to the little ones who bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. From colorful parades to fun activities and exciting events, this special day celebrates the youth in all their glory. Join us as we explore how Thailand celebrates one of its most cherished holidays: Children’s Day!

Children Day in Thailand

Children’s Day in Thailand, also known as “Wan Dek” in Thai language, is an annual event celebrated on the second Saturday of January. This holiday has been observed since 1955 and it is a national day dedicated to children aged between three and fourteen years old.

The purpose of Children’s Day is to recognize and appreciate the importance of children within society. It highlights their role as future leaders who carry forward the country’s traditions and culture. Schools, businesses, government institutions, and households all come together to celebrate this special day.

On this day, schools organize fun activities such as games, music performances, talent shows or dancing competitions that are aimed at promoting creativity. A lot of museums offer free admission for children where they can learn about history or science while having fun.

Children’s day celebrates childhood innocence and happiness by giving kids a chance to be carefree from academic pressure for just one day.

How is it celebrated?

Children’s Day in Thailand is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of January. It is a national holiday dedicated to honoring and celebrating children. This day is all about showing love, affection, and gratitude towards children.

On this day, schools across Thailand organize special activities for students such as games, competitions, and performances. Children are also given gifts by their parents or other family members as a token of appreciation.

Apart from schools, various public places like parks and museums organize events specifically for children on this day. The government also hosts different programs that encourage the participation of children from all walks of life.

One significant tradition followed during Children’s Day in Thailand is dressing up kids in traditional Thai costumes. Kids are dressed up beautifully with colorful clothing which makes them look adorable.

Children’s Day in Thailand is an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together while celebrating the importance of children in society.

What are the traditions?

Children’s Day in Thailand is a special day dedicated to celebrating children and all that they bring to the world. The festivities are often centered around traditional Thai customs, including music, dance, and dress.

One of the most beloved traditions of Children’s Day is the giving of gifts. Parents, teachers, and family members alike shower children with presents ranging from toys to clothing items. Some families also choose to make charitable donations or volunteer their time on this special day.

Another important tradition associated with Children’s Day is the honoring of elders. In Thai culture, it is believed that showing respect for one’s elders helps build strong relationships between generations. On this day in particular, children may be encouraged to spend time with grandparents or other elderly relatives as a sign of respect.

In addition to these traditions, many schools and communities organize fun activities like games and performances for kids on Children’s Day. These events provide an opportunity for children to come together as a community and celebrate their youthfulness.

Children’s Day in Thailand is steeped in rich cultural traditions that foster love and appreciation for young people everywhere.

What do people do on children day in Thailand?

Children’s Day in Thailand is a special day that celebrates the country’s young generation. It is an important day for both children and parents as it brings them together to enjoy fun activities and create lasting memories.

On this day, people take their kids out to parks, museums or other tourist attractions where they can engage in various fun activities such as games, face painting shows among others. Parents also buy gifts for their children including toys and clothes which are specially made for this occasion.

The government also plays a role in celebrating Children’s Day by organizing events across the country where children get free admission to zoos, museums and other public places. The aim of these events is to help promote child welfare issues such as education, health care services among others.

Children’s Day in Thailand provides an opportunity for children to feel appreciated by society while giving parents a chance to bond with their kids through fun-filled activities. This unique celebration helps strengthen family bonds while promoting the welfare of all Thai children.


Children Day in Thailand is a day of celebration and honor for the Thai people, as well as an opportunity to pass on important lessons about good values and behavior. This special occasion serves as a reminder that our children are the hope of the future, and it calls us to take responsibility for raising them with love, discipline, and care. By doing so we can help ensure that they grow up to be strong, intelligent individuals who will flourish in their own lives and lead Thailand into a bright tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Children’s Day in Thailand? 

Children’s Day is a holiday in Thailand that is celebrated on the second Saturday of January each year. It is a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating children.

What is the origin of Children’s Day in Thailand? 

The holiday was first established in 1955 by the Thailand government, aiming to promote children’s rights and welfare.

What are some typical activities that take place on Children’s Day in Thailand? 

On Children’s Day, many schools, organizations, and businesses organize special events and activities for children. These may include games, performances, art and craft activities, and other forms of entertainment.

Are there any traditional customs or practices associated with Children’s Day in Thailand? 

One of the most popular traditions on Children’s Day in Thailand is for parents and adults to give gifts and treats to children. These may include toys, sweets, or other small presents.

Is Children’s Day a public holiday in Thailand? 

Yes, Children’s Day is a public holiday in Thailand, and many schools and businesses are closed on this Day.

How is Children’s Day celebrated in schools in Thailand? 

In schools, Children’s Day is usually celebrated with special assemblies or ceremonies, and children may be given the opportunity to showcase their talents or perform for their peers.

Are there any safety concerns associated with Children’s Day celebrations in Thailand? 

As with any large gathering or event, there is always a risk of accidents or injuries. Parents should take steps to ensure the safety of their children, such as monitoring their activities and keeping them close at hand.

What is the significance of Children’s Day in Thai culture? 

Children’s Day is an important holiday in Thailand that reflects the country’s commitment to promoting the well-being and development of its youth. It is a time to celebrate the joys of childhood and recognize the importance of investing in the future of the nation.

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