A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays

It’s okay to always enjoy Christmas in bitter cold, snow, and ice. You also have the option of celebrating Christmas in the warm climate of Thailand. Spending Christmas in Thailand, where temperatures can reach 30 degrees in the shade, is a truly unforgettable experience.

You will be taken aback by the uniquely Thai pre-Christmas hype that is taking on in Bangkok.

In Thailand, the majority of the population does not observe the Christmas holiday. However, all retail malls have artificially stoked Christmas excitement and have adorned everything in the shopping centre in a delightfully tacky manner in preparation for the holiday.

The personnel of the department store are decked up in Santa Claus hats or costumes, and Christmas music, such as Jingle Bells plays continuously wherever you go on any floor of the department store.

Decorations for Christmas in Bangkok

A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays

At this time of year, every shopping centre in Bangkok, both inside and out, has been exquisitely decked for the holiday of Christmas. Using elements associated with Christmas, such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, reindeer, and a sleigh. Christmas music and everything else connected to the holiday are played. And this even though the Christmas holiday celebrated by Christians is not one that is historically observed in Thailand.

People in Thailand are big fans of tacky and unusual Christmas decorations. And the extraordinary spirit of Christmas! When you are on the Skytrain, you will see that many people have set their smartphone ringtones to versions of “Last Christmas” and “Jingle Bells.”

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Christmas Thailand

A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays

The holiday spirit is alive and well in Bangkok, particularly at the city’s many retail centres. In addition, several blinking, multicoloured fairy lights and an assortment of other Christmas decorations can be found adorning the lengthy Skywalk that runs through the heart of downtown Bangkok, connecting the Central World Plaza and the Paragon Shopping Center.

The most well-known and beloved Christmas carols may be heard playing over the loudspeakers on the Skywalk, which has been exquisitely decked out for the holiday season. The well-known commercial district is already showing signs of getting into the Christmas spirit. Especially children are going to get a kick out of the traditional, gaudy, and over-the-top Christmas decorations that are done in the Thai style.

Children will be able to enjoy a wide variety of Christmas-themed activities there, which will keep them from becoming bored.

Christmas in Thailand in the shopping center

A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays

The holiday season is celebrated in a manner that is either traditional or, more often than not, brightly kitsch at each of the major shopping centres along the Skywalk in the shopping mile.

The outdoor section of the Siam Paragon Shopping Center features enormous puppy pups, which are popular subjects for photographs taken by foreign tourists, especially of Thai children. Each year, a new ornament is chosen to display.

You can take in one of the daily open-air concerts that take place on the forecourt of Central World, the majority of them take place in the evening. You can also choose to eat at any one of the countless food stands or vendors selling street food. There, trendy young Thai people congregate to spend their evenings in the company of excellent friends and listening to live music.

Every year, in the area immediately adjacent to the Central World Plaza, there is a tiny Christmas amusement park for children. Mothers take their children there throughout the holiday season.

Many attractions there are geared specifically toward children, such as enormous snowballs that visitors can walk on. Every day, there are children’s entertainers that dress up as Saint Nicholas to provide entertainment for the guests.

Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism

A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays
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In addition to all of the hustle and bustle associated with Christmas at Central World Plaza, there is the world-famous Erawan Shrine just around the block, where worshipers pray for realizing their desires.

There is music from a temple, a lot of incense sticks, and dances performed in a temple.

In Thailand, it is possible to celebrate festivals associated with a wide variety of cultures and beliefs in the same location. The Thai people have absolutely no issue with that at all.

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Christmas atmosphere 

A Merry Christmas in Thailand: Celebrating The Season With Thai Holidays

If you choose to spend Christmas in Bangkok, one of the most memorable ways to celebrate the holiday is on a festive dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River, which runs through the heart of the city.

Knowing that it is Christmas and being able to have an ambient dinner on the deck of a restaurant ship when the temperature outside is 30 degrees is pure atmosphere, and it is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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