How to get a Thai driver’s license

While foreigners with an international driver’s license can legally drive in Thailand, many expatriates opt to apply for a Thai driver’s license since it is valid for a more extended amount of time (typically 5 years) and can also be used as official identification. And because it’s available on your smartphone, you don’t need to bring your ID or driver’s license with you.

Above all, if you want to hire a scooter for a long-term vacation but do not have a European motorbike license, it may be useful. Because scooters and mopeds have at least 125 ccm and are not permitted to be driven with category B permits.

The method is simple in theory and needs a visit to the Department of Land Transport (DLT). But, if you’ve lived in the Kingdom for any length of time, you’ll know that the procedure can be rather bureaucratic, and solid information may be tough to come by – especially if you don’t speak Thai.

Step 1

How to get a Thai driver's license

Get the necessary documentation. Before traveling to the closest DLT, various paperwork should be prepared. Some of these papers may need you to visit an immigration office. Documents at the time of writing include:

What is needed is:

Passport, visa, and employment reference, if applicable

  • A duplicate of the passport and nonimmigrant visa
  • A copy of the work permit, if applicable
  • A duplicate of the TM 6 departure card
  • A letter of address or habitation approved by immigration officials or the embassy
  • A medical certificate from a certified clinic or hospital issued within 30 days of application
  • A valid driving license from your own country

Note: In addition to the above list, a copy of the passport page showing the last entry stamp in Thailand may be required.

Appointment at the DLT

How to get a Thai driver's license

To avoid standing in line all day, arrange an appointment with the DLT (Department of Land Transport) in advance. The DLT’s Smart Queue website may be used to register and then arrange an appointment for the desired date. Better yet, get the app on your smartphone. (Smart Queue DLT)

If you need a Thai driver’s license urgently and don’t want to deal with Thai bureaucracy or the language barrier, you can employ a private agency to help you secure an appointment. Other paid services are available on the internet, such as B. Thai Driver Service Point…

Visit the DLT for your appointment

How to get a Thai driver's license

On the day of the appointment, you should arrive on time. If you do not already have a driver’s license from your home country, you must complete all of the required tests (described below), as well as a theoretical and practical driving test. Individuals with a driver’s license already can skip the theoretical and practical driving tests.

Tests & Exams

How to get a Thai driver's license

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the particular tests in order to be well prepared:

  • Color blindness: This test requires you to recognize the color of a lightbulb or lamp in front of you.
  • Peripheral Vision: You must identify the color of a traffic light to the right and left while gazing straight ahead without shifting your eyes or head.
  • Reflex: When a signal sounds, you must apply the brakes in less than a second while sitting behind a brake and accelerator pedal simulator.
  • Depth Perception: A device with two light threads within – one moving and one stationary – emerges in front of you, and you must align them within a set range.
  • Theory exam: You must take a multiple-choice test. The DLT website offers an e-learning course as well as practice examinations. (Only applicable to drivers who do not have a valid driving license from their native country.)
  • Practical test: You must drive on a tiny course or track outside the test facility and undertake maneuvers like as reversing and/or parallel parking in the main exam. (Only applicable to drivers who do not have a valid driving license from their native country.)

If you passed all the required tests, congratulations! You can now get a Thai driver’s license.


How to get a Thai driver's license

The rates you must pay vary depending on whether you want a 2-year temporary license (about THB 300) or a 5-year permanent license (about THB 600). When you renew your driver’s license, you usually obtain the permanent one.

Digital driving license (app)

How to get a Thai driver's license

The driver’s license holder can exchange their traditional driver’s license for a smart Thai driver’s license, which includes a QR code, at a DLT branch. The new driver’s license may then be scanned using the app and uploaded online to be validated against the DLT database. This is possible using a QR code.

Driving license available

How to get a Thai driver's license

You can even get your driver’s license for the chosen car rewritten if you already have one. The difficulty is that many officials in Thailand’s rural communities and outside of tourist destinations need to be made aware of this. This works well in tourist hotspots like Pattaya and Phuket. It’s not a great effort, but you’ve already spent 12 – 1 day rewriting since you need to collect some paperwork and examine a doctor.

For the issuance of a Thai driver’s license, you need:

  • Statement of Certificate of Residence
  • Original passport and 1 copy each
  • Medical report (you can get it in every practice)
  • A valid driver’s license and an international driver’s license are required.
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