11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

The land that is known as the Land of Smiles is home to an extremely varied ecosystem. It is a lovely country with a great diversity of flora and wildlife that can be found all across the territory. This country’s highlights are stunning islands and beaches, dense tropical forests, and huge national parks. It is only logical that the list of species that may be found there is just as diverse as the nation itself, given how diverse the country is. The following is a list of some of the most incredible species that can be found in Thailand, ranging from those that fly to those that swim.


11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Where better to begin than with the creature that serves as a representation of our nation? There are elephants all around Thailand, and despite their population on the decline, there are still wild elephants living in the country’s woods. Elephant sanctuaries all across Thailand provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for remarkable, up-close interactions with the animals that are also conducted in an ethical manner. Thailand’s elephants are considerably smaller than their African counterparts. Make sure that you do not mount them in any way.


11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Although the majority of Thailand’s tigers are kept in zoos and other types of enclosures, it is possible to spot one in the wild if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on the circumstances of the encounter). Even though there are less than 300 of them found in the wild, recent reports indicating that they have been found to be reproducing have given rise to optimism about the possibility of an increase in their population. Think twice before patronizing establishments that provide tiger encounters since captive tigers are often subjected to brutality and other forms of maltreatment.


11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Even though there aren’t too many of them, the Asiatic black bear and the sun bear both call Thailand their home. Even though they are not considered to be in imminent danger of extinction, their current position is precarious; nonetheless, some foundations are working to guarantee that the bear population grows and to educate others about them. Bears may be found in many parts of Thailand, including popular tourist destinations such as Khao Yai National Park and Khao Sok National Park near Surat Thani.


11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Binturongs are a species of strange-looking mammal that is native to Thailand. They are sometimes mistaken for brown bears due to the similarities between the two species. Their timid attitude and ability to climb trees make them difficult to notice, even though they are not particularly rare. However, you may be able to smell them since their musk is reported to smell like popcorn.

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11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

The plight of the pangolin in Thailand is a very unfortunate one. Pangolins have tough scales all over their body, and their natural defense technique is to roll themselves up into a ball when they feel threatened. However, because of this, it is much simpler for those engaged in the illegal trade to capture them and bring them into China, where they are utilized in traditional medicine. Because of this, their population has suffered a severe decline; yet, if you are fortunate, you may have the opportunity to come face to face with one of the peculiar yet endearing animals that make their home in the wild.

King Cobra

11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

King cobras may be found all around Thailand and are not all that uncommon there. They are easily identifiable by the hood-like snake appendage that hangs below the head, and their heads are held high off the ground. As they may grow to be over five meters in length, coming face to face with one can be rather intimidating; yet, they are unlikely to attack unless they feel threatened. It is believed that young King Cobras are more hazardous than adults because they cannot regulate the amount of venom they inject when they bite, which is often a very high dose.

Tokay gecko

11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Although there are several species of tiny lizards in Thailand, the Tokay gecko is among the most fascinating of the bunch. It is more probable that you will hear one first, as its call, which is described as sounding like “tokay,” may frequently be heard in the evening and nighttime hours in Thailand. You shouldn’t try to handle one since they pack a bite and most of the time won’t let go without a struggle, despite the fact that they have wonderful colors and are a genuine delight to find.


11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Gibbons are a type of monkey that are known for their seriousness, and they can be found in national parks all around Thailand. Gibbons are renowned for their prowess in the art of tree swinging, since they are capable of reaching heights of up to 15 meters and traveling at speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour. Their distinctive call is easy to identify and may be picked up to a kilometer away, even though they can be difficult to spot when they are so high up in the trees.

Manta ray

11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

Very few people who have shared the water with a manta ray will ever forget the experience. Thailand is a popular destination for scuba divers, and if you go at the correct time of year, you could even have the chance to swim alongside some of the ocean’s most spectacular creatures. The Similan Islands off the west coast of Thailand are the greatest sites to taste and watch them because some of them can grow up to seven meters in length. These islands are also where they come to visit and remain for a few weeks at a time.

Whale sharks

11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

The waters off the coast of Thailand are home to a number of different types of whales and dolphins, but the whale sharks are among the most fascinating of the lot. These whales, which can grow to a length of up to 12 meters and are completely harmless, can be found swimming in the seas off the coast of Thailand, and it is a fantastic experience to swim alongside them. Diving is the ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in their world totally, and floating beside these enormous and silent creatures is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Asian water monitor lizard

11 Incredible Animals You Can Find In Thailand

The Asian water monitor, which may reach lengths of up to two meters on average, is the biggest lizard species in Thailand. In addition to being observed on islands, jungles, and beaches, you may also find them in metropolitan settings. It is well known that Lumphini Park in Bangkok is home to a sizable population of water monitors. Dozens of these enormous reptiles make their home in the park’s lake and can frequently be spotted going about their daily routines there.

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