Phuket, also known as Koh or Ko Phuket, is Thailand’s most oversized island and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Even though, unlike in the past, only a few regions have an actual jungle. Rather, the palm trees now define the island’s appearance. The island of Phuket attracts many visitors each year due to its idyllic look, position in the Andaman Sea in the country’s south, and its own international airport. Is every month, however, the best time? When should I travel to Phuket? You may find the solution here. When is the best time to visit Thailand’s largest island? I provide you with all weather and climate facts. You will also learn all there is to know about the wet and dry seasons.

When to travel to Phuket?

When to travel to Phuket

Phuket is a year-round vacation destination due to its consistently high temperatures. The ideal season to visit Phuket is from November to April if you want to spend your vacation in paradise with less rain, most hours of sunlight, and nice humidity. The nicest weather may be expected throughout these months. If you want to be confident about the weather, visit Phuket in December, January, February, or March. The rainy season ends in November and begins again in April. The likelihood of rain and humidity is somewhat greater in these months than in the others. Nonetheless, they are among the best times to visit Phuket since they provide outstanding overall value. It rains a maximum of 16 days during the suggested travel time (in November). There are just three wet days in February. As an example: It rains on 23 days in September, outside of the greatest travel season.

Summer temperatures that are out of this world can be expected throughout the best travel season. From November through April, temperatures may reach 34 degrees Celsius. Because the humidity is lower in certain months than in others, you can tolerate the high temperatures. Even if diving into the water isn’t the most effective technique to cool yourself, The water temperature is 27 to 28 degrees Celsius at the optimal time to go. It’s hardly worth wishing for more pleasant weather in another month since it only happens some of the year. Temperatures at night do not go below 24 degrees Celsius. As a result, the temperature changes between day and night are modest.

If you visit Phuket at the right time of year, you may also enjoy the most sunlight of the year. February is not only the driest month, but it is also the sunniest, with the sun shining for up to 10 hours every day.

Best travel time for Phuket in the monthly overview:

When to travel to Phuket
  • November : 32°C, 7h sun, 28°C water temp., 16 rainy days
  • December : 32°C, 8h sun, 27°C water temp., 8 rainy days
  • January : 32°C, 9h sun, 27°C water temp., 4 rainy days
  • February : 33°C, 10h sun, 27°C water temp., 3 rainy days
  • March : 34°C, 9h sun, 28°C water temp., 6 rainy days
  • April : 34°C, 8h sun, 29°C water temp., 11 rainy days

Climate and weather in Phuket

When to travel to Phuket

Because Phuket has a tropical climate, the whole year is summer on the famous island. The temperature and humidity levels are continuously high. Temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius may be expected all year. They may be taller or shorter, but they are always present in the summer. Temperatures seldom fall below 24 degrees Celsius at night. The water temperature is consistently high throughout the year. The temperature ranges between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. There are no significant changes in air and water temperatures throughout the year. However, the number of rainy days and hours of sunlight varies throughout the year. There are 7 to 10 hours of sunlight every day from November to April. From May through October, they fall to a minimum of 5 to 6 every day. The number of rainy days each month is as follows: Rainy days range from 3 to 16 days every month from November to April. It rains 19 to 23 days each month from May through October. The monsoon is to blame for these disparities. Phuket’s year is divided into two seasons by the southwest and northeast monsoons: the wet season and the dry season.

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The dry season in Phuket

When to travel to Phuket

Phuket’s dry season lasts from late November to early or mid April. The northeast monsoon causes the dry air. Temperatures might exceed 35 degrees Celsius during these months. You may tolerate the hot temperatures easier since the humidity is lower than in other months. February, March, and April had the greatest temperatures. During this moment, the thermometer in certain areas is reading 40 degrees Celsius. December and January are less intense but still quite hot (32 degrees Celsius). The dry season has the longest hours of sunlight as well as the highest temperatures. For example, in February, the sun shines for 10 hours. On rainy days, the reverse is true. They are at their lowest in Phuket during the dry season. December, January, February, and March are the driest months of the year. In February, for example, it only rains three days each month. Rain might fall suddenly, even during the dry season. Showers are often brief but heavy. Nonetheless, enjoy the rain; it provides a little but welcome cooling.

Phuket has a rainy season.

When to travel to Phuket

Phuket’s rainy season lasts from late April until early or mid-November. The southwest monsoon affects both the likelihood of rain and the amount of sunlight. The monsoons transport rainfall from the Indian Ocean to the peninsula. The climate data for Phuket below shows that there is twice as much rain in April as in August. The rainy season begins in April, and the number of wet days rises as the year advances. The rainiest months will be September and October. It may rain for up to 23 days throughout these months. Precipitation is not an issue for vacationers. The combination of exceptionally high humidity and temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius is uncomfortable. For novice travellers, the heavy air may be quite distressing. Even at 25 degrees Celsius, the air does not truly chill at night. Anyone who has experienced the rainy season in another tropical country knows that it normally only rains for a short period of time, but it pours fiercely. After the rain, the sky opens up, and you may continue to enjoy yourself. In Phuket, this does not have to be the case. It might rain for many days.

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My conclusion on when to travel to Phuket

When to travel to Phuket

If you want fantastic and steady weather for your Thailand holiday, the months of November to April are the ideal time to visit Phuket. These are the months with the nicest weather. Sunny temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius and low humidity enable you to make the most of your vacation. Little rain and plenty of sunlight are also characteristics of the best season to visit Phuket! You’re doing everything right if you visit Thailand’s biggest island during the dry season. Consider the following: The island might get congested during the suggested travel period. Phuket is in peak season, which is reflected in hotel and airline pricing.

Despite the poor weather conditions, which include a lot of rain, less sunlight, and increased humidity, the off-season in Phuket is nevertheless popular with tourists. From May to October, they take advantage of lower hotel prices to visit a favourite vacation destination while saving money. Attention: If you visit Phuket during the off-season, it is possible that it could rain not just temporarily but even permanently. Due to the strong rain, you may need help to utilise the beaches. You may enjoy your well-deserved Phuket holiday.

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