What To Do In Bangkok – A 2 or 3 Day Tour

Bangkok is often regarded as one of the liveliest cities in the world. On the majority of vacations to Thailand, two or three days are always set aside so that visitors may just let themselves get swept up in the infectious urban beat. In our most recent post, which is split into two sections, we provide some suggestions for making the most of your time spent in the nation’s capital.

Visit a temple

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

Wat Saket is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok and is located just outside the boundaries of the island of Rattanakosin, which is commonly referred to as the “ancient city” of Bangkok. Wat Saket was built in the 13th century and is still in use today. This temple, which is also referred to as Golden Mount because of the massive golden stupa that sits atop a little artificial hill that is eighty metres high and was constructed during the reign of Rama III, has gained a lot of notoriety over the years. It was formerly the highest point in Bangkok, and although though it is no longer at the top, it is still regarded as one of the greatest perspectives in the city, and it continues to stick out in the middle of the contemporary metropolis. On the grounds of the temple is a park with fully grown trees as well as buildings that are common to most Buddhist complexes. These buildings include a primary prayer hall, an ordination hall, and a library. During the festival of Loy Krathong, which takes place in November, Wat Saket plays host to a massive fair. The stupa is draped in a vibrant red fabric for the duration of the festival, and a lighted procession marks the beginning of the celebration to the peak of the Golden Mount. During those periods, the temple grounds are swarmed by a large number of visitors from the early afternoon till midnight.

Go buy fresh flowers

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

The Pak Khlong Talad Flower Market is open throughout both day and night. It includes more than 3,000 wholesale flower merchant shops, where people make a variety of floral arrangements, ranging from bouquets to the traditional garlands that are used as offerings at temples and shrines. These arrangements are sold to customers. Because Thailand is the largest exporter of orchids in the world, it should not come as a surprise that this is one of the most important and gorgeous flowers that can be found on the market. Walking through the flower market, we can smell the lovely fragrances of the flowers as we approach the stalls of vendors who are braiding gorgeous floral arrangements. There are also veggies, fruits, and fragrant plants that we may locate here.

Haggle in a market

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

This weekend market, also known as JJ Market by the locals, is one of the most well-known and largest not only in Thailand, but also in the whole globe. There are more than 15,000 sellers spread out throughout 27 different areas. It doesn’t matter what kind of thing you’re looking for—Chatuchak offers it all—handicrafts, silk, shoes, garments, furniture, pets, and even plants and flowers. Due to the fact that most of the establishments in this area allow customers to negotiate the price of their purchases, going shopping in this area is a lot of fun. The kind of transportation that will bring you there is uncomplicated and pleasant. The BTS MoChit skytrain station, as well as the MRT Chatuchak and Kamphaeng Phet metro stations, all of which are located right in front of the market, provide access to the market. On Saturdays and Sundays, Chatuchak is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but on Fridays, its hours of operation range from 18 to 24 hours.

Put on some gloves

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

There are a great number of locations in Thailand where one may get a taste of Muay Thai. The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok is one of the most well-known venues in the world. In Thailand, we have the opportunity to enroll in Muay Thai initiation classes that can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. These classes are designed to teach students the fundamentals of Muay Chaiya, which is the name given in the southern region of Thailand to the most traditional style of Muay Thai.

Get a Thai massage

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

After a session of Muay Thai, nothing helps you recover faster than a nice massage. Traditional Thai massage, also known as old massage or Thai yoga massage, has been practiced in its present form since the 1600s. However, its roots may be traced back more than 5,000 years to ancient India and China, where it is said to have originated. Thai massages, which are known for their stress-relieving characteristics, combine moderate yoga-like poses with a massage of the pressure points and energy lines of the body. Thai massages have become increasingly popular in recent years. Where else than in your own nation might you have such a calming treatment than in the area you call home? In Bangkok, you can find a massage shop just about wherever you go, and many hotels even have their own spas where you can have a traditional Thai massage.

Soak up Thai culture

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

Performance groups of all sizes, from those based in individual villages to those that span the entirety of Thailand, are responsible for keeping this art form alive. The majority of educational institutions in Thailand award degrees in Thai performing arts and in teaching Thai fine arts. These degrees can be earned in areas such as dance and classical music.

Some performances have included more contemporary aspects in order to maintain the works accessible to tourists in Thailand as well as younger Thais. This is done in the hopes that future generations will be able to appreciate the culture and beauty of this dance style.

The Siam Niramit and the Bangkok National Theatre are two theatres in Bangkok that are highly recommended for anybody interested in the history of traditional Thai dance. Both of these theatres are located in the city of Bangkok. During the Siam Niramit, hundreds of performers may be seen dancing in a variety of genres while dressed in magnificent costumes. Both the Khon and the Lakhon are examples of Thai classical dance, and both may be seen being performed in the National Theater.

Painted mythology

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

Beautiful mural paintings may be found adorning the walls of a number of the nation’s religious buildings, including temples. As it depicts scenes from jakata, which are stories that explain occurrences from the life of the Buddha, and from the Ramakien, which is the Thai rendition of the Indian epic Ramayana, this art form was developed for the goal of imparting knowledge to viewers.

The ones at Wat Pho and the ones in the gallery that surrounds the Temple of the Emerald Buddha at the Royal Palace, both located in Bangkok, are among the most impressive ones. Both of these locations are part of the Royal Palace. These last ones depict the several incarnations, or avatars, of Phra Narai as well as the entire history of the Ramakian that was previously discussed. The marble slabs that are inserted in the columns that surround the gallery are inscribed with phrases that serve as a companion to the paintings.

A dizzy ride

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

It can be found on level 76 of the Kim Power Mahanakhon, which is the highest skyscraper in Thailand. Tristan Auer, regarded as one of the most talented interior designers in the world, was responsible for the space’s design. In recent years, the vertiginous glass-bottomed observation platform known as the Mahanakhon Skywalk has become as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok to be featured on Instagram.

To eat

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour

You can’t talk about the street food scene in Bangkok without mentioning the city’s Chinatown, which is known as Yaowarat. It’s impossible. Because it is so huge, deciding where to have lunch or supper might feel like an intimidating task at times.

Fai-Kaew Yao Wa Rat is perhaps one of the most well-known booths in all of Yaowarat. This restaurant has gained a lot of notoriety because of the exceptional wok stir fry meals and the impressive fire display that the chef puts on as he prepares them.

One of the meals that is most well-liked and frequently ordered in this region is called pak boong fai daeng. Additionally, this location has a tempting selection of sweets, with the well-known Yaowarat toasted buns standing out among the options. These are little buttered toasts that have a crispy outside and a tender interior. They are typically served filled with chocolate, egg cream, sugar, or butter.

A drink with a view

What To Do In Bangkok - A 2 or 3 Day Tour
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The list of high-quality establishments is extensive and impressive: Sirocco Sky Bar, Moon Bar at Vertigo, Red Sky, Zoom, Above Eleven, etc. In recent years, Bangkok has seen the construction of a number of large skyscrapers, which has resulted in a new type of tourist attraction for the city: rooftop bars and restaurants. These establishments offer customers the opportunity to have a drink or dinner tens of metres, or even hundreds of metres, above the city below.

It is essential to make a reservation, especially if you want to go during one of the most special moments of the day, which is the sunset followed by the turning on of the lights in the Thai capital. New establishments with these characteristics are opened regularly, and because they have a limited number of tables and are in high demand, it is important to make a reservation.

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