When you go to Koh Chang in Ranong, you are able to get away from the rest of the world and reconnect with yourself as well as with the natural world. If you are seeking something unusual to see in Thailand, and if you want to soak up the most local flavor, then it is a good idea to visit this wild island, which visitors seldom recognize. If you are interested in going, keep reading.

An island where agriculture and fishing are the primary economic activities due to the absence of tourist attractions. This is presumably how many of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations would have appeared many decades ago in Thailand. And it’s a lot of fun to witness and participate in it. It is a unique and noteworthy object.

Be sure not to get it confused with the other Koh Chang, which is located in Trat, close to the border with Malaysia, and is a more touristic and popular destination.

As a result of the location of this little island in such close proximity to the boundary between Thailand and Myanmar, the majority of the people who live there are Burmese rather than Thai.

Wild nature with a lot of diversity

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

The unspoiled environment of Koh Chang will undoubtedly be the aspect of your trip there that you look forward to experiencing the most. The island is home to a variety of exotic birds, including the hornbill, as well as cashew farms and rubber trees, which are among its most popular natural features.

Infrastructure and services in Koh Chang

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

The island’s infrastructure is quite sparse, yet it contains what you need to get by during your visit. There are a number of different housing and dining options, in addition to a few different restaurants and stores where you may make purchases.

You will only have access to electricity on the island from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., during which time you will be able to charge any electronic items you may have brought with you. As I was saying, it is an excellent location to detach from the outside world.

Things to do in Ko Chang

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

The island is a safe refuge where tranquillity may be found. Therefore, in preparation for your trip to Koh Chang in Ranong, make sure you give yourself time to unwind and rest.

Soak a stroll along its beaches, go for a hike to one of the area’s stunning viewpoints, and take in the breathtaking scenery and sunsets.

The sand on the beaches is not white; instead, it is a deeper color, yet the beaches are still quite lovely.

Things to avoid when visiting Koh Chang

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

There are a few things you should avoid when visiting Koh Chang, Thailand. First and foremost is to avoid any illegal activity. This includes drugs and alcohol. The second is to be respectful of the local culture. Do not dress inappropriately or act in a way that would be considered rude or disrespectful. Finally, do not go out of your way to visit specific locations on Koh Chang – instead, focus on enjoying the whole island experience.

Visit Koh Chang in Ranong: how to get there

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

It is necessary to embark from the port of Ranong on your journey to Koh Chang.

There are two different boats available:

  • A speed boat ride may be had for 350 baht each way. The ride is 30 minutes long, lasts for 350 baht, and departs every 30 minutes (if there are passengers). It is my recommendation that you coordinate the trip back to Ranong with the accommodations you have booked.
  • Longtail of one of the people who live on the island; this person is the one who is responsible for its upkeep. In addition to transporting passengers, it will travel to the mainland to get supplies. There are just two every day, and they take place at 9:30 and 14:00, respectively. And then, at 7:00 and 14:00, Koh Chang will transport you to Ranong. It is highly recommended that you coordinate the return directly with the hotel where you are staying. The fare is 200 baths, and the trip takes two hours to complete.

Visit Koh Chang in Ranong: where to sleep

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

The majority of the island’s lodging options are on the more rustic side, but there are plenty of them for you to choose from so that you can make the most of your time there.

It is strongly suggested that you make a reservation for anything in advance of your trip to Koh Chang. Because in that way, you will be able to make arrangements with the hotel to have you picked up at the airport. Due to the absence of services comparable to those found on other islands in Thailand. If this is not possible, you should make an effort to speak with a local when you arrive so that they can assist you in organizing your stay.

The region around Long Beach has the vast majority of the hotels and cottages. The following are some suggestions that have been made:

  • Sunset Bungalows Koh Chang has some cute beachside huts. From 600 baths.
  • Or Little Tent has some super cute tents on the beach. From 850 baths.
  • Koh Chang Resort has bungalows on the beach with 1600 baths.
  • Mama’s Bungalows is very nice, on a small beach south of Longbeach.

How to get around the island

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

On the island, there is not a single motorbike rental company to be found. You may hire a motorbike through your hotel, which most likely has several for a price of 250 baht and is available to guests. And if they can’t find it, they may search for it on your behalf.

Because the roads are dirt, you should only ride a motorbike if you have prior expertise in doing so. There is little opportunity for education here.

You also have the choice to hire a bicycle and travel around on foot in addition to going on walks all around the island.

The cost of traveling to Koh Chang

Visit Koh Chang In Ranong

Koh Chang is known for its stunning coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and lush rainforest. The cost of traveling to Koh Chang depends on the type of accommodation chosen, but you can expect to pay around 400 baht per night for a room in a hotel. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, you can shell out upward of 6,000 baht per night for an all-inclusive stay on the island. When it comes to food, you’ll spend around 100 baht per day on average. If you’re looking to save money while on Koh Chang, consider cooking your own meals or eating at local stalls.

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