Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 and is a worldwide tradition. Since we’ve previously discussed the history of the Day and have already published pieces on how it is celebrated in Japan and Korea, I’ve chosen to share today how A Land of Smiles (Thailand) celebrates this Day. As a result, our train will go on this excursion today!

Valentine’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on a much larger scale and more significant than in the United States and Europe. In storefronts and public areas, hearts are often present. To get marriage licences, many individuals go to Bangkok’s Bang Rak neighbourhood early in the morning, also known as the “village of love” in Thai. Thai municipal officials had to establish a temporary register office in a hotel in order to accommodate weddings since there were too many requests for the few available spaces in the official registry offices.

Valentine's Day in Thailand

At this time, local businesses transform the environment by adding heart-shaped decorations to mark the Day, and couples use the opportunity to have a nice dinner together in a lovely location. The Trang region, which is widely renowned for its islands and lovely beaches – yet largely devoid of foreign visitors – is the area to see.

Trang offers a wedding ceremony every year that is completely underwater and includes all the frills while being done in dive gear. It goes beyond that, too! A resort close to Pachinburi offers a bucolic location for people who enjoy the highlands. The police set up checkpoints in Khon Kaen, a sizable city in northeastern Thailand, to stop motorists who violate the law while operating cars or motorcycles. The small print is that, instead of issuing tickets or fine notices, violators receive roses, and those who operate a motorcycle without a helmet receive a free helmet.

The more liberal attitude of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, contrasts with the country’s more traditional culture in that many youngsters there mark the Day by “losing” their virginity. In recent years, as societal issues like adolescent pregnancy and AIDS transmission rates have exploded, the government have sought to take action against this practise. Despite this, Valentine’s Day continues to be a joyful celebration of life, affection, and lasting love because of Western traditions that have merged with local customs and cultural differences.

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