What things are prohibited in Thailand?

If you follow a few simple rules of etiquette in Thailand, you won’t accidentally upset anyone. You’ll also stand out from visitors who only want to shop cheaply or go to beautiful beaches. Your trip will be much better if you pay attention to and value the local culture.

Thailand is called the “land of smiles,” but the famous Thai smile can mean a lot of different things. Even though Thai people are very forgiving of mistakes, especially when they are made by farang, if these basic rules of behavior are followed, the smile will stay.

Thailand’s temples are a must-see on any trip, but many tourists avoid interesting places like Chiang Mai’s Tunnel Temple because they don’t know much about Buddhism or the local culture. Make sure you know how to act in a temple so you don’t upset any of the people who pray there.

Does Thailand have strict laws?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

Thailand has one of the strictest “lèse majesté” rules in the world. Anyone found guilty of defaming, insulting, or harming King Maha Vajiralongkorn and his close family can go to jail for up to 15 years.

What is considered rude in Thailand?

Don’t point your feet. In Thailand, it is very rude to point your feet at someone, raise your feet higher than someone’s head, or just put your feet up on a desk or chair. Do not show people the bottoms of your feet because they are dirty. Don’t point your feet at the Buddhas in or near the churches.

Can you wear red in Thailand?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

Tourists often wear these blue and white sarongs in Thailand, especially near the temples. By the way, the colors of the Thai flag are red, blue, and white.

Import restrictions in Thailand

Freedom of speech and the press are guaranteed by the national constitution “as regulated by law.” However, the government puts a lot of restrictions on these rights. In November 2011, the OpenNet Initiative found that Thailand’s Internet filtering was selective in the social, political, and Internet tools areas, but there was no proof of filtering in the conflict/security areas. Thailand is one of the countries that Reporters Without Borders will be keeping an eye on in 2011.

Freedom House gave Thailand a “partly free” grade for internet freedom in 2013, a year before the 2014 coup. In 2014, it gave Thailand a total score of 62 (“not free”), saying that there was a lot of political control and that bloggers and other online users were being arrested. This made Thailand the 52nd most free country out of 65. countries. With an average score of 35, Thailand was still “not free” in 2019. It was the fourth worst country in the Asia-Pacific area after China, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

On September 19, 2006, Thailand’s military took over the government of Prime Minister-elect Thaksin Shinawatra without using violence. The fifth official order that the coup leader, General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, signed on September 20, the first day after the coup, was to block the Internet and make Dr. Sitthichai Pokaiudom, who was known as “The Official Censor of the Military Coup,” the minister in charge of the MICT.

What happens if you go to jail in Thailand?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

US citizens must follow Thailand’s laws and rules while they are there. People who break the law in Thailand, even if they don’t know they are, can be fined, jailed, or sent away. If the US citizen is taken into custody, he or she will have to go through the Thai legal process of being charged, tried, and maybe even found guilty.

Are thumbs up rude in Thailand?

Traditionally, giving someone a “thumbs up” is like giving them the middle finger, or in other words, it is a rude sign. Even though adults in Thailand now know that the sign means support or a job well done around the world, it is still normal for children to use it during a childish fight.

Are Thai people polite?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

Even though most Thai people are nice and understanding—which isn’t strange since tourism is the country’s biggest industry—it never hurts to be polite.

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Is it illegal not to wear a bra in Thailand?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

It is against the law in Thailand to “go commando.” In fact, it is against the law in the Kingdom to go outside without underwear. It’s the law. You could (in theory) go to jail if you do.

Does Thailand have freedom of speech?

The 1997 Constitution of Thailand says that people have the right to say what they want. In the Constitution from 2007, these protections are still in place. For example, Article 36 says that everyone has the right to communicate freely through any means.

Can you drink at 18 in Thailand?

What things are prohibited in Thailand?

Age: You should know that you have to be 18 years old to drink in Thailand. Also, only people who are at least 20 years old can buy drinking drinks. If you sell booze to a child, you could go to jail for up to a year or have to pay a fine of up to THB 20,000.

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