Thai Braids: Everything you need to know

Some young women leave the bathhouses with not just pleasant recollections and an upbeat disposition but also braids that they had carefully woven into their hair. Weaving may be broken down into a wide variety of subcategories. Thai braids are now one of the most sought-after hairstyles. Even adolescents are permitted to braid their hair since a particular weaving style, in contrast to African braids, does not cause damage to the hair.

Description of Thai braids

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Thai braids are also known as ropes and resemble afrokos in look. But the interior composition is quite different: artificial material is not employed in the weaving of ropes. This is one of the key variances. Therefore, the strands used in Thai braids have to be very lengthy and substantial. Also acceptable is hair that is medium in length, however braids with this length of hair seem less spectacular. The braids that are often braided into children’s hair tend to be of a more substantial thickness. Because the curls are less likely to be destroyed on a thick ponytail, this is done to guarantee that their blossoming will go off without a hitch. The typical number of braids produced was between 100 and 300. The optimal number of pieces is thought to be between 150 and 200. Rubber bands are used to secure the strands of hair at the ends. Beads or threads may be included into the hair design at the customer’s desire. A master weaver with expertise will need between three and five hours to complete the needed amount of braids. The majority of the time, Thai braids are paired with either French or Braid afrokosichkami braids.

Positive and negative sides of weaving Thai braids

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Braided Thai braids, of course, have their advantages.

  • A ready hairstyle does not need daily maintenance and alterations to maintain its appearance.
  • If you have medium or long hair, Thai braids are less damaging to your hair than regular afrokos.
  • In the latter method, the ends of the hair are often sealed with fire or water that has been brought to a boil, which is harmful to the hair.
  • At home, you may easily plait your own Thai braids.

But Thai braids, unfortunately, have disadvantages, for example:

  • They are only good for one month of usage before they expire.
  • Frequent washing of the head does not prolong the life of the scythe; instead, it causes the hairstyle to lose its look and causes the hair to get confused.
  • Shampoo should be chosen that does not include any additives so that it may be used to wash the head.
  • After washing, spit should carefully wipe a cloth from top to bottom.
  • The use of a hair dryer is discouraged since it flattens the curls left behind after drying the hair.
  • It is recommended that you wash your hair in the afternoon so that it may dry naturally by the time you go to bed at night.
  • Thicker hair is required for traditional Thai braiding. In such case, the weaving will seem uninteresting and unsubstantial.
  • The Thai braid has not yet come to an end here. It is not possible to braid them on short hair; the length of the hair has to be at least shoulder length.

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How to braid Thai braids yourself

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The simplest braids are easily braided at home. All actions must be performed step by step.

  • First, the strands need to be cleaned and dried before being cut into little squares.
  • After that, choose three strands from each option that are the same thickness, and braid them into a basic braid.
  • You may use smoothing protection sprays to shave in a way that causes less fluffing or electrification.
  • One of the many benefits of doing such weaving at home is that it does not involve any monetary investments. This braided hairdo is something that any girl can do.

It turns out that, unlike simpler and more complicated choices, this one is not designed to fit every lady. Weaving Thai braids at home might result in bow dividers with a variety of colors or thin French braids worn on the head. If you want the weaving to be more even and crisp, it is best to hire a professional. They will have the necessary experience. He will always advise you on the most effective approach to style your hair so that it complements the contours of your face.

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