The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

One of the most typical aspirations of tourists is to spend some time on an idyllic island, maybe even to settle down there permanently. Some islands in Thailand are considered to be among the most beautiful in all of Southeast Asia. These islands feature beaches that fulfil all of the criteria necessary to make our dream come true, including long stretches of soft sand, palm trees, turquoise water, and beach bars where visitors can cool off and enjoy the cuisine of the region. In this brand-new piece, we take you to some of those islands and show you around.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Tan

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Ko Tan is a genuine paradise for divers, and it is located only a short distance from Ko Madsum. A reserve may be found on the eastern side of the island. This reserve safeguards a coral reef and is home to a rich variety of marine life. Divers that explore this area will come with magnificently enormous clams that have hidden themselves among the coral that has been well preserved. The island is still relatively untouched by tourism and is relatively unknown, making it a hidden treasure that is well worth the effort to go to. To get to Ko Tan from the southern shore of Ko Samui, you will need to take a speedboat for a rather quick voyage.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Phra Thong

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

The one-of-a-kind island of Koh Phra Thong, which is located in the Gulf of Thailand, is home to around 16 kilometres of deserted beaches that are covered with white sand. This area is known as one of the few untouched coastal places in Thailand. The captivating topography of this island is its most notable feature, with extensive inner savannah plains that have the appearance of being in Africa, stretches of palm-fringed coastal sections, stunning coral reefs, and protected mangrove forests. The island is not only home to a wide range of unique species of tropical birds and marine turtles, but it also features a selection of beach huts for guests to choose from when booking their stay. Koh Phra Thong, which can be found in the Andaman Sea off the shore of Thailand’s western coast, is a destination that should not be missed by anybody who is interested in seeing the natural wonders that Thailand has to offer.

Islands in Thailand: Coral Island

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Coral Island is a stunning tropical paradise that can be found just a few kilometres off the coast of Phuket. Long Beach and Banana Beach are two of the beaches that can be found on Coral Island. These beaches are perfect for spending the day lounging on the powdery white sand or snorkelling in the shallow emerald green seas. Those with a higher tolerance for risk may experience a one-of-a-kind perspective of the beaches by parachute jumping over them.

You may indulge in some of the most authentic Thai cuisine while taking in breathtaking vistas of the water at one of the beach’s many restaurants, which are both numerous and diverse. You will need to take a speedboat from Rawai beach in order to go to Coral Island. The trip will only take you fifteen minutes to complete.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Poda

Koh Poda is one of the most beautiful islands in that region of Thailand, and it is located about thirty kilometres off the coast of Krabi. One of the images that come to mind when we think of the word “paradise” is a scene in which long tails are moored on the beach, the sea is turquoise, and there is an islet in the backdrop. Snorkeling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed in Koh Poda because there is a coral reef not far away.

Islands in Thailand: Streak Island

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Twenty kilometres to the south of Phuket are the two islands that make up the Racha group: Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi (Yai means big and Noi small). They are islands that have beaches that have seas that are perfectly clean, white sand, and palm palms, and they are highly popular among expert divers since the dives there are of such high quality. The island with the most hotel infrastructure is the largest of the islands, which is occupied by Muslims who work as fisherman and farmers.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Phi Phi

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is waiting for you just 45 minutes by speedboat from Krabi town, and it will welcome you with untouched beaches, crystal blue waters, outstanding cuisine, and a lively party scene. Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh are the two islands that make up this destination, and each of them provide a variety of land- and water-based activities. You may go snorkelling during the day to see unique marine life, then enjoy a leisurely stroll down the coastline, and then have dinner while sitting next to the ocean in the evening. The land was designated as a national park so that it could better preserve its natural ecosystem. Moo Dee Bay is a 300-meter-long small jewel that can be found close to the most southeasterly point of the Phi Phi Islands. A lush tropical jungle and a grove of coconut palms may be seen along the bay’s shoreline. There is a decent restaurant in the neighbourhood that is managed by the locals.

Islands in Thailand: Maiton Island

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Maiton Island is a secluded paradise located just fifteen minutes by speedboat off the eastern coast of Phuket. It is known for its expansive sandy beaches that are surrounded by verdant hills. The island is a pleasant escape from the frenetic activity of Phuket due to its comparatively low population density. You may go swimming in the crystal blue seas, sunbathing on the warm expanses of golden sand, or exploring some of the most stunning coral reefs that Thailand has to offer, where, with a little bit of luck, you can run into sea turtles. The island is in the possession of a private owner, but there are travel agencies that may make arrangements for your stay there.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Lanta

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

Ko Lanta is an uncrowded region that features twenty kilometres of sandy beach, placid waters, and a pleasant ambiance. Because of this, Ko Lanta is an absolutely beautiful destination for a quiet and peaceful break. Dive schools can take island residents as well as visitors out into the open ocean to see the stunning coral reefs and marine life there. These schools have received the proper training to do so. The little eateries sell seafood that has been freshly caught at various hours of the day and night. Sunsets on the island are particularly beautiful, reflecting orange and pink hues off the lake and drawing visitors’ attention.

Islands in Thailand: Ko Tup and Ko Mor

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand
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Ko Tup and Ko Mor are two beautiful islands that are joined to one another by a sandbar that, when the tide is out, may be walked across. On any of the two islands, you will discover seas of exceptional clarity, ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving. To reach these islands from Ao Nang, you will need to take a long-tail boat voyage that will take around 30 minutes. Following your time on Ko Tup and Ko Mor, the boat will make its next stop at Ko Poda, so you will have the opportunity to continue your trip there as well.

Islands in Thailand: Koh Khai

The 10 Most Stunning Islands in Thailand

The lovely archipelago of Ko Khai consists of three somewhat unimportant islands. The islands of Ko Khai Nai, Ko Khai Nok, and Ko Khai Nai can brag of delivering peace owing to their delicate beaches and crystalline seas where it is easy to view fish of many different colours. These islands are just fifteen minutes away from the east coast of Phuket. It is highly advised that in addition to sunbathing on the beach, you participate in one of the many water sports that are available, such as snorkelling, diving, or water skiing, whilst you are at the beach. A ferry that departs from Ko Lipe and travels to Ko Kai also makes its way to Ko Tarutao, another island well worth a visit.

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