Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

Every tourist understands that the finest way to uncover a city’s character is, without a doubt, on its streets. This is clearly obvious from a simple stroll through Bangkok’s traditional street markets, which are renowned as authentic outdoor retail hubs as well as major bastions of Thai culture.

Bangkok’s markets are a must-see and should be on the agenda of anybody visiting the city. These rooms are vibrant, colorful, active, and engaging, and they perfectly mirror the Thai way of life.

For those of us who had been in the city for many months, one of our favorite weekend activities in Bangkok was meandering around a market. To put it another way, it’s a must!

See why we love Bangkok’s markets in this article, get to know the key ones, and learn how to enjoy them to the fullest!

Why you should visit Bangkok’s street markets

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

Spending a few hours in one of Bangkok’s street markets is an unforgettable experience in every aspect.

Thai cultures are apparent in every facet of these retail complexes, whether for food, handicrafts, or even religion. Here are some reasons to visit one (or several) Bangkok markets:


Bangkok marketplaces have a distinct atmosphere. The first recommendation for anybody interested in seeing Thailand’s marketplaces is to be open to new experiences. When confronted with a concoction of noises, aromas, tastes, and unusual sceneries, it seems that our senses become even more acute.

Everything might seem strange and fascinating, particularly to first-time visitors to the nation. As a result, come prepared to be surprised by what the streets have to offer.


A visit to one of these markets will not only help you to learn more about Thai culture, but it will also provide you with excellent buying opportunities. Everything is available: vegetables, flowers, sauces and spices, textiles, handicrafts… The list is endless.

When confronted with such diversity, it is vital to suppress the consumerist drive, which causes you to want to purchase a little bit of everything. And if you’re the kind of person who usually brings a vacation gift back to their pals, go shopping in Bangkok’s markets!


Last but not least, Thai food! These markets are the finest venues to try new cuisines and experiment with Thai cuisine. Simple, genuine, incredibly inexpensive, and nearly always delicious cuisine!

Bangkok’s main street markets

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

If Bangkok is your next trip destination, learn about its big markets and choose your favorite:

Chatuchak Market

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok
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Chatuchak Market is Thailand’s biggest market, with about 5,000 booths. Most merchants are only open on weekends, and the market is anticipated to draw roughly 200,000 visitors each day.

The facility is massive, and even though we’ve been there multiple times, we always get lost within. There is a wide range of merchandise available, including religious items, clothing, and traditional handicrafts. And, of course, Thai cuisine’s fiery pleasures.

The market is divided into 27 parts. As a result, plan lots of spare time to investigate it.

Chatuchak Market is situated in Bangkok’s northwestern outskirts, near to the BTS Mo Chit station.

Saturdays and Sundays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

New Rot Fair Market Ratchada

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

New Rot Fai Market Ratchada is another well-known Bangkok street market. The area is filled with colorful tents offering a range of goods, as well as warehouses, small businesses, and casual pubs.

The setting is highly diversified, and visitors may experience Thai culture up close. It’s the ideal market for purchasing antiques, clothing, accessories, shoes, vintage home furnishings, and, of course, a variety of street cuisine.

There’s no lack of culinary alternatives here: there’s something for everyone, but classic Thai foods are everywhere.

It is next to the Esplanade Mall and is situated behind the Thailand Cultural Center MRT station. 

The market is open from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. from Thursday through Sunday.


Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

In truth, Asiatique is an open-air retail mall full of pleasant surprises. It should be noted that it is quite touristic, yet it still offers reasonable costs and is very intriguing.

Asiatique sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The fact that you can get there by boat is already part of the allure. The environment is welcoming, and the pricing of the things are really reasonable.

Traditional handicrafts, designs, and d├ęcor goods are mostly available. Food booths give way to welcoming eateries here. There are about 40 eateries and over 1,500 businesses.

The market is open from 5 p.m. to midnight, and there is a free boat service from Sathorn Taksin dock for guests.

JJ Green Market

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok
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JJ Green Market is one of Bangkok’s nicest street markets, constantly packed and with a laid-back vibe.

The setting is great for shopping for bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories, as well as sampling traditional food. Many old objects may be found in a funky flea market style. This is a market with a youthful and energetic vibe, almost bohemian in nature.

It’s not far from Chatuchak Market. Exit at BTS Mo Chit Station and go along Kamphaeng Phet Road. The market is located inside the park.

Thursday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Artbox Bangkok

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

The Artbox Bangkok market is brand new and packed with unique things, with a focus on home furnishings, vintage clothing, handcrafted accessories, and food sellers. Another market worth visiting to take advantage of the nice weather.

You may stroll around and even listen to live music. The unique aspect of this market is that numerous tents may be used within containers. Because the market is mobile, it is worthwhile to verify their current location on their page.

It is open from 5 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

The Patpong market caters mostly to visitors. It operates at night and is packed with stalls that share space with businesses, restaurants, and bars.

The items are diverse but not necessarily of the highest quality. Still, a visit there is worthwhile. It is situated in Bangkok’s Red Light District, which is well-known for hosting ping pong performances.

Floating markets in Bangkok

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

Nothing defines Bangkok more than its floating marketplaces. Visiting one of these markets, where the small boats serve as booths and sell fresh vegetables and fruits, is an unmissable program.

The view is beautiful, and the experience is unforgettable. Take advantage of the chance to sample a delectable Thai cuisine prepared inside a boat.

We visit numerous floating marketplaces, each with its own distinct personality. It is critical to learn more and decide which one to attend.

The most well-known is Damnoen Saduak, which is also the most touristic and least genuine. There are, however, more fascinating possibilities that are worth a visit. For additional information, see our piece on the top floating markets in Bangkok.

Maeklong Train Market

Discover the 8 best street markets in Bangkok

We can’t finish this list without including Maeklong, Thailand’s famous railway market. This is, without a doubt, the market that provides one of the most bizarre experiences.

The fair is practically built on the railroad tracks. With one exception: the railroad works and trains pass through on a daily basis.

Awnings and tents are withdrawn just before the train approaches. Soon later, everything returns to normal, with the market operating at full capacity.

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