The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

Snorkeling in Koh Tao is an experience that is utterly captivating. When you dive into the waters around this enchanted island, it’s like walking into a beautiful garden filled with corals and fish. In this part of the world, swimming with turtles or sharks is an everyday occurrence. In addition to this, the water temperature needs to be just right, which means it should hover around 30 degrees for the majority of the year.

Snorkeling is an activity that can be enjoyed almost everywhere in Koh Tao. The seafloor around the island is very harsh. After living on the island for over two years and experiencing everything it has to offer to the maximum, I will now share with you the snorkeling spots on Koh Tao that I consider to be my favorites. Take notice!

Shark Bay: swimming with turtles and sharks

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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Due to the high likelihood of encountering turtles when snorkeling at Shark Bay, it is one of my go-to spots for this activity.

Knowing where to seek them and when they are most likely to be located is the only thing that matters at this point. And because it isn’t a mystery, I’ll tell you anyway:

The best time to go is between the hours of 4:00 and 4:30 in the afternoon, since this is when the turtles come to the area to feed on the dead coral that is there.

And in terms of the location, once you have entered the water, you should swim inland (they are not often found very near to the shore), and then you should swim parallel to the coast; you will almost certainly locate them along that stretch. There is a good chance that you will also come across other individuals, and all of these people will alert one another when they spot the turtles.

You may exit the Shark Bay beach via the bungalow complex, where there is also a tiny pier from which you can descend to the beach below. You may also access it there by going via the tiny cove that is located just next to it.

Tanote: beautiful corals and lots of marine life

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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One more of Koh Tao’s prime locations for underwater exploration is Tanote Beach. About the stones that stick out of the water, there are a lot of corals, and it is not difficult to spot a lot of different kinds of fish swimming around.

There is a possibility of seeing sharks on occasion. I have had a couple of encounters with young sharks. They are typically found in closer proximity to the beach.

Aow Leuk Bay: sharks and lots of fish

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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The seabeds off the coast of Aow Leuk are also quite lovely. Proceed around the rocks at the left end of the beach until you reach the end.

There are also a large number of fish, and sharks may frequently be found in the area.

There is a fee required to access the beach (normally 100 baths, reduced price during a pandemic to 50 baths).

Sai Nuan: swimming with turtles

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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One of my favorite beaches on the island of Koh Tao is called Sai Nuan. Even though the corals in this region have died, it is usually not difficult to spot turtles since they swim to the left after entering the water and then exit the beach.

Aside from that, there isn’t much to look at here. The presence of turtles is the primary reason I suggest snorkeling here. Aside from that, the beach is a sight to behold as well.

Hin Wong: cute corals and fish

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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The stunning cove of Hin Wong, which is located to the northeast of Koh Tao, is yet another location on the island that comes highly recommended by me for snorkeling.

There is a lot to view on both the northern and southern sides of the beach, including young sharks, corals, and a large variety of fish (near the shore).

The route leading to Hin Wong is rather steep; thus, you should ensure that you travel there on a robust motorbike that can ascend without experiencing any difficulties (especially if there are 2 people).

The sunken ship of Mae Haad

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
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I am going to suggest a location that is not very well known to you in the event that you are interested in snorkeling somewhere distinct. An incredible sunken ship may be seen in close proximity to the coast.

If you travel to Mae Haad beach, go all the way to the end of the beach, which is located to the left of the port (after you pass the Coconut Monkey). And then, from that point, you can either go around the rocks to the left or enter the water and swim to the left; if you keep swimming, you’ll find it.

It is preferable to leave when the tide is a little bit lower than normal so that the boat may stick up a little bit higher from the sea.

Sail Rock

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

Sail Rock is a well-known snorkeling location on the Thai island of Koh Tao. Its spectacular granite pinnacle rises from the ocean floor to just below the surface, making it an ideal snorkeling location.

Sail Rock is only accessible by boat and is located approximately 8 kilometers off the northwest coast of Koh Tao. The spot has good visibility and diverse marine life, including schools of colorful fish, rays, and even whale sharks on occasion.

With depths ranging from 6 to 30 meters, snorkeling at Sail Rock is excellent for both novice and expert snorkelers. Snorkelers with an experienced guide may explore the rock’s various tunnels, swim-throughs, and coral-covered walls.

Chumphon Pinnacle

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

Chumphon Pinnacle is one of Thailand’s most famous and magnificent snorkeling spots. Chumphon Pinnacle, located approximately 11 kilometers northwest of Koh Tao, is a popular snorkeling and diving site due to its spectacular underwater environment and abundant marine life.

The pinnacle rises from the ocean floor to a depth of around 14 meters, allowing snorkelers to explore its coral-covered walls and swim amid a vast assortment of marine species such as barracudas, gigantic groupers, and schools of colorful fish.

Due to its depth and powerful currents, the location is best suited for expert snorkelers, although beginners may still enjoy the experience with the assistance of an experienced guide.

Liam Thien

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

Liam Thien, also known as Shark Bay, is a renowned snorkeling spot on the Thai island of Koh Tao. The place receives its name from the rare sightings of blacktip reef sharks, which are popular with snorkelers and divers.

Apart from sharks, Liam Thien is home to a vast array of marine life, including colorful fish, rays, and several coral types. The clean waters and shallow depth make it ideal for both novice and expert snorkelers.

The big underwater rock in the center of the bay, which attracts a variety of marine life and gives an intriguing feature to investigate, is one of Liam Thien’s distinctive characteristics.

White Rock

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

White Rock is a picturesque and popular snorkeling spot on Thailand’s south side of Koh Tao. This place has a beautiful underwater landscape and a varied range of marine life, such as schools of colorful fish, moray eels, and many coral species.

The place is only accessible by boat, and the depths range from 5 to 20 meters. The shallow regions are ideal for beginning snorkelers, while the deeper areas allow more experienced snorkelers to explore the underwater world.

The spectacular granite rock formations that rise from the ocean floor and are covered in a variety of colorful corals and sponges are one of the attractions of White Rock. Snorkelers may explore the structures’ nooks and crannies and discover a variety of aquatic life.

Japanese Gardens

The best sites for Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand

Japanese Gardens is a famous snorkeling spot on Thailand’s southwest coast, of Koh Tao. The lovely coral formations that mimic a traditional Japanese garden inspired the name of this place.

Japanese Gardens’ shallow waters and gentle currents make it an ideal place for novices to learn snorkeling. More experienced snorkelers may also explore the deeper sections and see a broad range of marine life, including schools of colorful fish, sea turtles, and numerous coral species.

The small artificial reef composed of concrete cubes put on the ocean floor to stimulate coral development and offer a habitat for marine life is one of the distinctive aspects of Japanese Gardens.

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