5 Top Pattaya Go Go Bars

Walking Street is well-known to anybody who has visited Pattaya. Over 500 meters of bars with females dressed in scant lingerie, themed costumes, or occasionally nothing, dancing around poles and swaying to the music. Even outside the pubs, groups of ladies greet passers-by with, “Hello sexy dude, where do you go?” They begin working at 20:00 and continue till late at night. And, of course, the street is continuously crowded with tourists, some of whom have come only to watch and others to play.

Go go bars in Pattaya come in many forms and sizes, but common features include a bar, a central location with numerous dance floors, and a huge stage. On stage, girls will dance provocatively to club music, changing every few minutes. These gals will mingle with the audience in between dances to flirt and try to find company and a free drink. If you enjoy the company of the chosen female, “further arrangements” will usually be arranged. With so many options in Pattaya, knowing where to begin is difficult. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you and identified five hot bars you won’t want to miss:

Pin-Up A Go Go

5 Top Pattaya Go Go Bars

The Pin-Up A GO GO club regularly fills up with clients who don’t mind paying a bit extra for their beverages and “additional” services, thanks to its super contemporary white d├ęcor and some of the sexiest females on the whole strip. The fit of the sporty females and the pleasant and cheery personnel are notable features of Pin-Up A GO GO. The club features seats around the outside, bank stools surrounding the two dancing stages, and a jacuzzi in the back. The majority of the dancers wear bikinis, but they have exotic performances every 30 minutes in which they appear considerably more exposed.


5 Top Pattaya Go Go Bars

Baccara’s entrance is highly intriguing, with two females dancing boldly around the poles. But, the action picks up as soon as you pass past the veil, as each of the dancers has a red and black lace wrapped around their legs. The club is also known for its glass ceiling. Customers may also see what’s going on in the second story by looking straight up. Girls have a thin and curvaceous figure. Yet, they do have a selected policy in order to delight the guests. Baccara Go Go is one of Walking Street’s most popular restaurants. Moreover, there’s a draft beer happy hour and plenty of seats with terrific views of the show.

Alcatraz Agogo

Alcatraz is a nightclub with a prison motif. There are lots of barely dressed girls to play either inmates or guards here. During the peak season, Alcatraz is perhaps the largest go go bar on Walking Street, with additional ladies arriving from partner bars in Bangkok. When the females play the roles of a convict, prisoner, cop, or jailer, expect a lot of fake prison cells and handcuffs. There are also draft beer specials from 20:00-22:00 and lounges upstairs. You may book for parties, stag parties, and other events there, among other things.

The Airport Club

5 Top Pattaya Go Go Bars

The Airport Club has taken use of its serpentine proportions by keeping to airplane-style windows. On long-haul flights, he also outfits ladies as flight attendants and flight crew to fulfill a man’s various desires. Similar like a real plane. By the way, this club is crammed into the limited area, and as a result, it may get rather constrictive, even unpleasant, if you’re sat near the center stage near the door. There is a lot more room at the bar and around the jacuzzi. Unlike other bars, Airport Club Go Go hosts only a few shows. But, he does have a large number of dancers on stage who will gladly come up and have a drink with you if you purchase them for a long time. In addition, there is no happy hour for draft beer until 10 p.m.

The Iron Club

The Iron Club is one of Pattaya’s most rowdy and chaotic go go clubs, featuring S&M themed shows, black leather sounds, and iron chains (hence the name). The club’s design is rather unique, with the females dancing towards the back of the room. There are two major dancing moments, one with and one without a bikini, as well as a jacuzzi scene with a few females and a soap bubble. The females at Iron Club are considered sexy, and their prices reflect this.

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