Nightlife in Thailand – Best Places After Sunset

In this post, we will explore Thailand in search of some things that can be done once the sun has set. Chiang Mai, Samut Songkhram, and Nakhon Ratchasima are our destinations for this first portion of our journey.

Nightlife in Thailand: SAMUT SONGKHRAM

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset
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When night falls, the city is illuminated by more than just the neon lights. Within a little over an hour’s drive from Bangkok, guests may be enticed by the brilliance of fireflies to embark on a swoon-worthy boat trip through the canal and all the way down to the river. Amphawa is a tranquil small town that is famous for its floating market. It is also blessed with a natural habitat that is swarming with fireflies, which is a reflection of the environment’s high level of preservation.

Following your exploration of the Floating Market, you may enjoy a trip along the Amphawa Canal and Mae Klong River in a traditional long-tail boat. This ride will take place in the shade of the surrounding trees. The night will be illuminated with fireflies when they are in their native environment. In 2008, the region was awarded an Honorable Mention from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. This was in recognition of the area’s efforts to preserve the local culture and architecture along the canals. You may sign up for the boat trip that lasts between one and two hours at the Floating Market Tourism Center. The ride lasts between one and two hours.

Nightlife in Thailand:NAKHON RATCHASIMA

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset

Animal enthusiasts are overjoyed at any possibility of observing wild creatures in the environments in which they evolved to thrive. Thailand is home to a wide variety of intriguing plant and animal life, and the country is covered with national parks where visitors may observe local species.

The Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima is without a doubt the best location in all of Thailand for going on a night safari and seeing wild creatures in their natural environment. The departure time for the 90-minute night safari in the park is between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. each night. A ranger will lead guests in vans that may accommodate anything from four to ten people around a track that is 10 kilometres long. If you go to the park between the months of October and November, you will have a better chance of seeing more creatures than you would at any other time of the year.

Nightlife in Thailand: CHIANG MAI

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The city of Chiang Mai does not have a reputation for having an extensive nightlife scene like that found in Bangkok and Patong, which is located in Phuket. In spite of this, the Rose of the North is home to a plethora of fantastic activities that may be enjoyed throughout the evening hours by tourists.

Chiang Mai Night safari

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset

Chiang Mai Night Safari is the first night zoo in Thailand and the largest in the world. It is located in the Nong Khwai area of Chiang Mai and covers more than 323 acres. The night safari is open throughout both the day and the night, and it provides visitors with a view into the everyday life of animals, some of which are allowed to wander free. The safari also provides a variety of thrilling presentations, such as those focusing on nocturnal predators and nighttime wildlife.

People who wish to get swept away by the rhythm of the night can find that drinking drinks and beers is not enough to accomplish their goal. Zoe in Yellow is the greatest location to throw your hands up and dance till you drop to house music that keeps people pumped all night long. It is located on Rajvithee Road in Chiang Mai’s Old Town.

Jazz aficionados should be aware that Chiang Mai, located in different portions of the Muang district, is home to some of the top jazz bars in Thailand. These places may be found in Chiang Mai. Near the Chang Phuak gate is where you’ll find the North Gate Jazz Co-Op, which is a popular destination for tourists due to the laid-back ambiance of the tiny bar and the traditional jazz melodies that are played there by a skilled group of musicians.

Moment’s Notice, located on Sridonchai Road, is a recent establishment that is quite tiny and has limited seating, but the live music is amazing and remarkable. It features guest artists from overseas performing with local bands for a jam session or surprise show. You may also try a large selection of different types of craft beer.

 Chiang Mai’s Nightlife on rooftops

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset
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In order to take in the breathtaking panoramas of Chiang Mai’s cityscape, you do not need to be as high up as you would need to be in Bangkok. Under the blanket of stars, rooftop bars in this old northern city serve cool cocktails while offering spectacular views of the city below.

The Sala Lanna hotel is characterised by its rustic appearance, which is complemented by its location on the banks of the Ping River and its proximity to a breathtaking natural setting. It features an elegant restaurant as well as a bar that is open air, and the top terrace offers unparalleled vistas while you sip your drink until the bar shuts at eleven in the evening.

The THC Rooftop Bar has a distinctive appearance, with neon graffiti on the steps, floor cushions, low tables, and bamboo flooring. This bar is particularly well-liked by travellers on backpacking trips. This partially covered, open-air pub on Kotchasarn Street is located opposite Thapae Gate and the moat, and it offers affordable beers while exuding a chill, laid-back atmosphere.

The Myst Rooftop Bar can trace its roots back to Bangkok’s posh Thonglor area, which accounts for the establishment’s posh ambiance and refined drink menu. The restaurant and bar are both open till one in the morning. Other reasonably priced pubs and restaurants are located in the immediate vicinity of this establishment, which can be found on the sixth level of the Maya Mall.

Chiang Mai Writers club

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset
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This establishment serves as an unofficial press club for the city of Chiang Mai and welcomes everyone who enjoys having a drink and striking up a nice chat with interesting individuals. It is reported that people from all over the world, including Western authors and Asian artists, routinely visit him for a special session. If you go for a stroll around the Old City, you really have to stop by this club on Ratchadamnoen Road, which is located close to Wan Pan Tao. It stays open till the stroke of midnight.

PNightlife in Thailand: AI, MAE HONG SON

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset

Even in a relatively tiny town like Pai, the nightlife can nevertheless be vibrant and full of variety. After the sun goes down, Pai, which is known for having a chill atmosphere, comes to life. Find the pedestrian street area if you want to have a good time. There will be more people there. Many pubs and bars can be found on Chai Songkram Street and Tesaban 1 Street, which are both located close to the city bus station.

One of the spots with the highest foot traffic is the Pai Siam Bar & Bistro, whereas the Jazz House has the most laid-back vibe and is located in a more quiet area, but nevertheless has frequent events inside.

The Malamong Art Café offers a large selection of different types of tea for those who are concerned about their health. Customers take pleasure in sitting on the little, low stools and having lively discussion with one another.

Nightlife in Thailand: PHUKET

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset

Patong is without a doubt the heart of the action after the sun has set in this popular tourist destination. On the other hand, this island is home to a wide variety of entertainment options, and the nightlife scene in Phuket is comprised of a great deal more than simply neon lights and bars.

Because there is such a variety of things to do in this neighbourhood, it would appear that all roads in Phuket eventually lead to Bangla Road as night falls. In addition to events and street vendors, it is home to upscale nightclubs as well as more laid-back beer pubs. On the island’s western shore, Bang Tao is well-known for the luxury beach-style clubs that can be found there.

Locals will tell you to head to Phuket Town for a night of excitement rather than Patong if you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe than what you’ll find in Patong. Away from the tourist districts, with only a few pubs and clubs to choose from to enjoy music and beverages, the neighbourhood is less busy, with the majority of its customers being locals as well as foreigners.

Phuket is not only endowed with breathtaking beaches and a cherished natural environment, but it also provides guests with a magnificent variety of outstanding pubs and restaurants at sunset, where they may have supper or cocktails beneath the stars.

The Surf House in Kata is a lively hangout for both locals and visitors alike that explores the balance between surfing skills and drinking. The Surf House is located right on the seashore. In addition to being a really engaging venue, this establishment has excellent cuisine.

Nightlife in Thailand: SAMUI AND KOH PHANGAN

Nightlife in Thailand - Best Places After Sunset

The island of Samui, which is home to a fantastic range of nightlife options, is often regarded as one of the best places to go on vacation. On Samui, Chaweng Beach, which is considered to be the hub of the island’s nightlife, is only one of the many spots where visitors may extend the day while listening to music and dancing to the beat of the night. The following are the three most desirable locations for nightlife:

The allure of Ark Bar in Bophut is increased by a number of factors, including dancing and fire performances, shrieking melodies, a beachside location, and a pleasant and laid-back ambiance. It is a popular destination for tourists who come to Samui for the purpose of socialising, dining on the beach, and finally giving in to their desire to dance to live DJ mixes.

Although it might be loud and crowded with tourists, The Green Mango is famous for being enormous and featuring innovative lighting as well as a number of separate areas. The club is a true party spot that is ideal for a night of fun, and the music, which includes both hip-hop and techno, continues until 2 in the morning.

The Woobar is the place to go if you’re seeking for sophisticated entertainment of the highest kind. This bar is located within the exclusive W Retreat Koh Samui resort, and it features a gorgeous contemporary design as well as breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. When the sun goes down, it’s the ideal spot to kick back and unwind. The well-known tavern keeps serving food and beverages right up until midnight.

People from all over the globe who enjoy going to parties could connect the name of the island of Phangan with the world-famous Full Moon party, which is, in some respects, far more well-known than the island itself. Because of the Full Moon Party, Phangan has become a popular tourist destination, and its nightlife has become an experience that can only be had once in a lifetime. The beach known as Haad Rin, which translates to Rin Beach in English, is a good choice if you’re interested in nightlife because there are many different bars in the neighbourhood.

Even on nights when there isn’t a full moon, visitors who are vacationing in the city designed for tourists may still have a good time and enjoy themselves at night. Merkaba Beach Club is located on a private beach at the entrance of Haad Rin. The club features a fashionable beach ambiance with mixes from both local and foreign DJs.

The Jam Bar is a cool area composed of wood, bamboo, and straw, and it is located on Hin Kong Beach. There are musical instruments available for use during unplanned and thought-provoking jam sessions at The Jam Bar. You may anticipate that skilled musicians from all over the world will show up and perform impromptu sets in order to deliver a sonic extravaganza that will blow your mind.

Sunset Walk in Ban Tai is a great option for families looking for a place to hang out by the water because it provides not only a calm atmosphere but also a play area for children. The bar has a plethora of vibrantly coloured beverages and a warm and inviting ambiance.

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