Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

After being closed to tourists for the previous three years, the renowned Maya Bay on the Phi Phi Islands returned to the public in 2022. In that amount of time, the animals and plants that were harmed as a result of the vast number of tourists have made a full recovery.

The location of Maya Bay was made famous when the film “La Playa” was shot there with Leonardo Di Caprio in the leading role. Since then, millions of tourists have been drawn to its stunning appearance. Due to the sheer volume of people that visited the beach in 2018, there were times when it was physically impossible to move around on the sand. The corals and other aquatic life in the area suffered an incredible amount of damage as a result. As a result, it was agreed that it should be temporarily closed so that it could recuperate. Because of this change, the process of going to Maya Bay is completely different now.

Where is Maya Bay

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

Maya Bay is a section of Phi Phi Leh Island that may be found inside the boundaries of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. To be more specific, it may be found on the western edge of this island, on the other side of Loh Sama Bay. It can be reached from Phuket in one hour via motorboat due to the distance between the two. And it takes around half an hour to get there from Aonang in Krabi.

How is the visit to Maya Bay now?

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

Since Maya Bay was reopened to tourists in 2022, the process of seeing the area has undergone significant transformation. In the past, the boat would enter the bay and then proceed straight to the beach when it reached its destination. This behaviour is not permitted any more. The goal is to keep from causing further harm to the native flora, animals, and corals of that area.

A floating dock may be found at Loh Sama Bay, which is on the other side of Maya Bay from where the dock is located. After that, you must travel around 200 metres on a hardwood floor so that you do not damage the verdant foliage that is present in the surroundings. This path leads up to a platform, which is also built of wood, from which you get a magnificent view of the bay in all of its glory. After getting some excellent pictures from that vantage point, you may take a stroll along the beach. Additionally, you are permitted to get into the water up to your waist; however, swimming is not permitted. And if you’re very lucky, you could even get a glimpse of some baby black sharks that have recently moved into the bay.

The amount of time spent visiting is restricted to less than an hour. In addition, 375 visitors are considered to be the utmost number that may be present there at one time.

How to get to this famous bay?

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

To get to Maya Baya, the only method to get there is via boat. And because of this, you are need to hire a sanctioned trip in order to make your visit. It is possible to get there on a Phi Phi Islands Tour that departs from Phuket and travels by motorboat. The trip should take around one hour to complete. In addition, it is possible to visit there as part of a tour that departs from Krabi. In this instance, it takes between forty-five and fifty minutes to get there. Finally, it is possible to reach Maya Bay from Phi Phi Don Island, which is the only island in the area that contains hotels. In addition to this, you will need to book a trip on a traditional long-tail boat because it is located nearby. You will come no later than twenty-five minutes at the very most.

What is the best time to visit Maya Bay?

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands

Because of its stunning beauty, a visit there is worthwhile at any time of year. Even when it is stormy, she has a really unique and endearing quality. What has to be taken into consideration are the circumstances of the water. As a result, the months of November through April are often times of reduced wind and more sunshine. October, July, and August are also not terrible months to visit. The months of May and June are traditionally when the weather is at its worst. On the other hand, the weather in Thailand is notoriously fickle, and just when you think it’s going to be nice, it’ll surprise you by turning foul.

As you have seen, the experience of going to Maya Bay is currently much more attractive and enjoyable than it was in the past. The fact that there are not a lot of visitors there means that the beach may be experienced in all of its glory, despite the fact that there are restrictions on where people can swim.

As a result, whether you find yourself in Krabi, Phuket, or even the Phi Phi islands themselves, you should make it a point to go on an excursion that includes a visit to this well-known bay. You are going to adore it!

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