Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

Krabi is a province in Thailand that is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea. It is known for its many archipelagos, rock formations that protrude from the water, and some dream beaches that can only be reached by sailing in traditional long-tail boats. The most difficult decision you will have to make in Krabi is whether to go on excursions to the region’s national parks, take advantage of the excellent conditions of the seabed, sail through the region’s mangroves, or simply let yourself fall into a state of dolce far niente on one of the province’s many secluded islands while taking in some of the most breathtaking sunsets in all of Thailand. These are a few of the most memorable aspects of Krabi.

Nong Thale

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

The people who live in the sub-district of Nong Thale in the province of Krabi make the majority of their living from farming and fishing. The region of Phang Nga Bay, with its distinctive islets and rock formations, is extremely abundant in a wide variety of fish and shellfish, many of which are still collected by local fishermen using the same methods that have been used for generations.

Nai Nang

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

One of the most compelling illustrations of the development of environmentally responsible tourism activities is the town of Nai Nang. The Nai Nang honey programme is one of the most successful programmes, and it was formed out of efforts to maintain and pollinate mangrove habitats. They demonstrate these and other measures related to the preservation of the natural environment during the course of the voyage through the region that local entrepreneurs carry out.

Thale Waek

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

Thale Waek, also known as a separate sea, is a phenomenon that can be witnessed on the islands of Ko Dam Kwan and Koh Dam Hok from December till early May. This occurrence takes place five days before and five days after the full moon. It is feasible to walk from one island to the other as the tide goes out because there is a dune of white sand and limestone that connects the two islands and becomes exposed when the tide goes out. It is necessary to either rent a boat that can accommodate up to 10 passengers or pay for a tour in order to visit these islands.

Mu Ko Lanta National Marine Park

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

The marine park known as Mu Ko Lanta is comprised of a number of different islands. The terrain consists of rugged ranges of hills that are predominantly forested with rainforests, coastal forests, and mangroves. The sea gypsies, also known as the Chao Le, are an ethnic minority that are semi-nomadic who call this national park their home. The sea gypsies have a ritual in which they let their boats float aimlessly during the full moon between the months of June and November. They do this because they believe it will protect them from unfavourable omens. Diving and watching the marine life of the Andaman Sea are both enjoyable activities that can be done near Mu Ko Lanta.

Phi Phi National Marine Park

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

The Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Marine Park includes the Phi Phi Archipelago as a protected area. The limestone mountains that are blanketed in greenery and the purity of the water are the most prominent features of the islands; it is not for nothing that it is considered to be one of the most popular locations in Thailand for scuba diving instruction and practise. There are three lookout sites located all around the main island of Phi Phi Don, however the one with the most breathtaking panoramas is called number 2. Maya Bay is renowned for its scenic splendour and can be found on Phi Phi Lee, the most southern island.

Railay Beach

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

Climbing enthusiasts from all over the world flock to this secluded area because the limestone rock walls offer a wide variety of climbing routes suitable for climbers of all experience levels. There are a number of climbing academies in the neighbourhood that provide instruction for climbers just starting out. Ao Nang is a little beach located a short distance to the north of Railay and is known for being an excellent spot to watch the sunset.

Koh Poda

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

One of the most beautiful islands in that region of the country, Koh Poda is located only thirty kilometres off the coast of Krabi. One of the pictures that come to mind when we think of the word “paradisiacal” is a scene in which long tails are moored on the beach, the water is turquoise, and there is an islet in the backdrop. Snorkeling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed at Koh Poda because there is a coral reef not far away.

Than Bok Khorani National Park

Krabi, the postcard of Thailand

Evergreen forests, offshore islands, limestone mountains, and a network of mangrove caves can all be found within the boundaries of Than Bok Khorani National Park. Paddling through some of these caverns in a kayak is an option. One of the most intricate and diverse ecosystems on the planet, mangroves have evolved to thrive in areas with high levels of salinity and together make up mangrove forests. Mangroves, due to the features that they possess, serve as a natural barrier that prevents erosion caused by large waves and lessens the force that these waves have.

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