Is Thailand safe to travel in 2023

Thailand has traditionally been the standard travel destination for backpackers. Travelers of all stripes have crossed this perplexing nation for years, and it’s not hard to understand why: gorgeous beaches, exotic islands, delectable food, and exciting cities. It’s an oasis.

But even in paradise, there might be problems. Is Thailand safe to travel? As the nation is more well-known among frequent travellers, we hear reports of scams and even violence.

Okay, is it safe to travel to Thailand? You might be wondering, and we don’t blame you. We’ll address almost every security concern you might have in this tutorial. Therefore, if you’re concerned about safety while on vacation in Thailand, don’t be: we’ve got you covered. Whatever it is, our advice on traveling to Thailand will cover it.

Is Thailand safe to travel? (Our opinion)

Is Thailand safe to travel

Southeast Asia’s most visited country and the center for travelers is Thailand. However, that does not imply that there are no issues.

Drug trafficking, terrorism, minor theft, tourist scams (like everywhere), erratic protests, and a militant government in charge are all problems in this region.

Not only that, but there are additional hazards like the Zika virus, dangerous wildlife (hello, snake), and poor weather.

And let’s not even talk about the terrible bike accidents. Staying safe in Thailand can be more difficult than you might imagine because there are many things that can go wrong.

Even though all of this may seem frightening, most travels to Thailand are successful. Thailand is relatively safe for travelers by many standards.

The Thai economy greatly benefits from tourism, and the government essentially has your back.

The security situation in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

This article is not a flawless security guide, and neither is any other. Depending on the people involved, the question “Is Thailand safe to Travel?” will ALWAYS have a different response.

However, this piece was written by a wise traveler for savvy travelers.

The material in this safety manual was correct when it was written, but the world is changing faster than ever.

It can be challenging to distinguish between what is genuine and what is sensational given the pandemic, widening cultural gap, and click-hungry media outlet. You may get information and travel safety advice when visiting Thailand here.

It is imbued with the knowledge of seasoned travelers rather than being the latest breaking news on current affairs.

Use our information, conduct your own research, and use common sense to ensure a risk-free trip to Thailand. We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments below if you find any material in this tutorial that is no longer accurate.

We work hard to deliver the most pertinent travel information available online, and we always appreciate feedback from our readers (kindly, please!). In any case, thanks for listening, and be careful.

Is Thailand safe to travel to right now?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Thailand is essentially Southeast Asia’s top tourist destination. Tourism contributes 6% of the country’s GDP, making it a vital component of its development.

In Thailand, there are many incredible places to stay, and each one has a different safety rating.

Nevertheless, there are certain risks associated with growing tourism—not necessarily “dangers,” but something to be aware of.

These take the shape of con artists: jewelry, trips, and tailoring. In Thailand, scams are the crimes with the highest reports.

Follow our travel suggestions: a good rule of thumb is to remain vigilant and to avoid accepting anything from strangers. Soon, we’ll delve a little farther into that.

Thailand travel insurance

Is Thailand safe to travel

For your trip, will you require travel insurance? Even if you’re only there for a few days, the vengeful angels will have plenty of time to batter you. Have fun in Thailand, but remember that pricey medical treatment and travel delays may happen anywhere, so insurance can be a lifesaver.

Travel mishaps may and do occur, so it’s important to consider insurance before you depart. We have utilized Intermundial Seguros for many years and have made a number of claims individually. Why don’t you request a quote from them directly? To ensure that the coverage meets your needs, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Is Thailand safe to travel: Safest places in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

It’s important to conduct some study and use caution while deciding where to stay in Thailand. You don’t want to end up somewhere dangerous and have your holiday ruined.

We have compiled a list of Thailand’s safest tourist destinations as a service to you.

Chiang Mai

Is Thailand safe to travel

A sizable city in northern Thailand is Chaing Mai. It is both a popular tourist location and an excellent choice for individuals wishing to relocate to Thailand.

Wandering from temple to temple for an entire day while awestruck by the abundance of gold, stones, statues, and works of art is possible.

It’s a great place for digital nomads because it has a lot of co-working spaces, hip cafes, and accessible infrastructure.

Chiang Mai is one of the safest locations to visit because it is not as crowded and chaotic as other Thai cities.

In fact, you can readily connect with the area’s sizable expat community.

The city offers authentic culture, stunning natural scenery, and a superb urban lifestyle because of its location in the country’s mountainous region.


Is Thailand safe to travel

The only danger you may encounter in Pai is getting lost because it is so picturesque and relaxed back.

Due to Pai’s uniqueness, many tourists wind up visiting the area multiple times while seeing Thailand.

It possesses that lovely, entrancing, addictive aspect that so many tourist hotspots possess and which causes backpacking itineraries in Thailand to be abandoned. Northern Thailand’s little mountain town of Pai.

Even without white sand beaches, you can still take in breathtaking scenery, breathtaking views, and a setting that feels almost timeless.

You can explore caves, waterfalls, hot springs, and anything else that is available. If you wish to remain in Pai, there is also a fantastic yoga scene there!

Samui, Koh

Is Thailand safe to travel

There are a tonne of things to do on Koh Samui! Consider going stand-up paddleboarding as the sun is setting. Consider taking a swim in the Namuang waterfall or a hike through the untamed forest. If you don’t feel like walking through the jungle, you can also take a quad tour around the island; Koh Samui won’t let you down if you need your adrenaline fix!

It has a distinctive setting and remarkably advanced infrastructure.

In addition, you may do everything from go jungle hiking to unwind on remote beaches. The warm, quiet seas of Koh Samui are ideal for swimming. For those who are eager to discover the underwater world, it’s also a perfect site to learn how to scuba dive or receive their scuba diving certification.

Places you should avoid in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

Sadly, not all in Thailand is secure. Everywhere in the world, including Thailand, you must exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

The government claims that four areas should be avoided because they have a disproportionately high rate of crime, particularly violent crime:

  • Yet the
  • Pattani
  • Narathiwat
  • Songkhla

They are situated in Thailand’s southern region. The Malaysian junction of Sungai Kolok should also be avoided. Because there can be tension or higher military presence, you should exercise a little more caution when visiting any border zone.

Though there isn’t much to see there, tourists often avoid going there.

It goes without saying that you should avoid walking at night through isolated places and on dark side streets.

Use your common sense; stay away from anything that appears off or alarming to you.

Due to the fact that Thailand is not the safest country, it is always advisable to exercise caution and research before leaving on your trip.

Continue reading our travel advice if you wish to increase your safety while you’re there. If you follow them, you won’t have any issues in Thailand.

Is Thailand safe to travel alone?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Don’t be concerned if you plan to travel to Thailand alone; thousands of individuals have done it before you. It is entirely feasible!

It shouldn’t be too stressful to be by yourself.

We’ve put together some helpful advice to help you be safe while traveling alone in Thailand.

Is Thailand safe for females to travel to?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Although traveling in Thailand is typically safe, there are additional risks associated with backpacking and being a woman.

Women frequently enjoy “special” treatment and are more appealing as targets for would-be thieves. Sadly, but it’s true.

Thailand IS, in our opinion, safe for female lone visitors.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure your safety while you’re out and about.

  • Hostels offer the option of female-only dorm rooms. In addition to being a pleasant location to stay (away from potentially weird people), they also offer a wonderful chance to meet other female travelers of diverse backgrounds and ages.
  • Given how hot Thailand is, you might want to carry as little clothing as possible. But keep in mind that this is a Buddhist society, and that people rarely dress in this manner. Be considerate and avoid calling attention to oneself.
  • If you’re considering a trip to Koh Tao, in particular, do your research first. There appear to be more disappearances and unexplained deaths there lately.
  • Get a sim card as soon as you land at Thailand’s airport. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with new acquaintances, keep track of taxi and tuk-tuk fares, and read evaluations of hostels and bed-and-breakfasts that you haven’t reserved in advance. It’s not necessary.
  • Get to know some Thai. Although it doesn’t need to be there, it does work well.
  • Keep an eye out for other travelers. Make friends, but avoid those that seem strange because they probably are.
  • Don’t use drugs. Sorry to be negative, but carrying them puts you in danger and could result in jail time.
  • In spite of how weird it may appear, avoid the monks! They are not permitted to converse with, touch, or be in close proximity to women.
  • On a night out, act assured and as if you are familiar with your surroundings. Make certain you have enough money to securely return to your hostel.

The people are incredibly kind, the hostels are excellent, the transit is simple, and there are tonnes of other backpackers to meet. There is less harassment than in many other places, even in Europe. What exactly don’t you like?

More about safety in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

The primary security concerns have already been discussed, but there are still a few other things you need to be aware of.

Is Thailand safe to travel for families?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Thailand used to be a destination only for backpackers, but today all kinds of people travel there.

Since the infrastructure and tourism sectors of the nation have boomed recently, more people than ever are visiting Thailand. If we talk in terms of numbers, more than 20 million!

You can travel with your family in complete safety to Thailand if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and doing something great together.

Families should definitely consider visiting Thailand. Children are utterly adored in Thailand, so you will be showered with positive attention. There are also lots of amazing places you may take your kids.

Stay away from those regions if you’re concerned that rakish backpacker pubs, Khaosan Road, etc., will expose your kids. Bangkok and the rest of the country are both plenty of kid-friendly locations.

Is it safe to drive in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

In Thailand, autonomous driving is a prevalent mode of transportation.

In fact, it is nearly unheard of for backpackers in Thailand not to eventually wind up renting a motorcycle. But there are risks involved.

Far from it, in fact, as 73% of traffic fatalities in Thailand involve two- or three-wheelers.

Drive your motorcycle in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

It would be a lot of fun to ride your motorcycle in the sunshine, right? It can be a little daunting for visitors visiting Thailand’s streets because of the prevalence of motorcycles and automobiles.

But does that imply that riding a motorcycle in Thailand is unsafe?

Thailand is among the top 5 “most dangerous countries to drive in,” as we’ve already mentioned.

Scooters are still the simplest and quickest method to move around. Therefore we still advise renting one occasionally. But only if you adhere to the guidelines. Thais are not lousy drivers; in fact, they are experts at maintaining composure under pressure, particularly when driving.

The streets are crowded and chaotic for tourists. Take a glance at the back of a Grab if you want to get used to the traffic.

Grab is essentially the Asian version of Uber. You can experience what it’s like to ride a motorcycle in Thailand without being in control if you hire the driver through the app.

Locate a trustworthy rental location once you are ready to drive independently. The monthly payment shouldn’t be more than 3,500 baht, and the bike needs to be in good working order (check the brakes!).

The final piece of travel advice is to drive slowly, always wear a helmet, and avoid being a typical tourist who concentrates more on the scenery than the actual road. Instead, ride a Grab to see the nation.

Is Uber safe in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

In Thailand, Uber and its competitor Grab have combined.

But the fantastic service is still there. In Thailand, Uber is extremely secure.

They won’t overcharge you, the drivers are very capable, and you may follow your journey. You only need to register for a Grab account. Just like that. Safe sleep! Make your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb reservations in advance to avoid booking a less secure location at the last minute.

Are taxis safe in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Although Thailand’s cabs are generally safe, you might be surprised by how unsafe they can be, especially in Bangkok.

Some motorists are likewise lost as to where they are headed. (Be prepared with a GPS app in case you need to act as a literal navigator.)

Taxi drivers trying to swindle you are arguably the largest “safety” concern.

Knowing your location and how much the charge should be, together with asking about it until you locate a taxi driver that gives a fair price, are more important than bargaining since they won’t budge.

It can be a little risky due to the language barrier. Have you ever attempted any Thai pronunciation?

And what are the locations’ names? If not, it’s a good idea to provide the driver a card from your hotel with the address written in Thai. They’ll be sympathetic and take you home without incident.

Samlors and motorcycle taxis are also available. They are more prevalent in less urban regions with fewer car taxis.

If you are traveling alone, they are helpful (and enjoyable). Motorcycle taxis lack sidecars, whereas samlors do. Licenced drivers wear orange vests. Be respectful, considerate, and appropriate at all times.

Do you remain uncertain? We advise you to photograph your driver’s license inside the taxi. Always go with your gut instinct if something doesn’t feel right.

Is public transportation safe in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

You will have a tonne of options for public transportation in Thailand, especially if you visit Bangkok. Basically, you have a choice of the bus, the BTS (Skytrain), or the MRT here (subway).

The best part is that Thailand’s public transportation is completely secure. Additionally, it’s really affordable! They are thankfully heated, so you won’t even have to worry about them getting too hot.

On the MRT or the BTS, getting lost is the only threat you need to be concerned about. Particularly congested and challenging to grasp are city buses’ schedules. The only risk is that one.


Is Thailand safe to travel

The typical bus lacks air conditioning. People are picked up and dropped off at what seem to be random locations. Despite having worse quality and service, they are less expensive than VIP buses.

VIP buses can be reserved through your lodging, and they offer air conditioning and a dependable route. Usually, they also provide water.

Ferry services are frequently offered on buses.

The only method to travel between the Thai islands is via bus and ferry, and doing so is a completely stress-free process. The buses in Thailand can get rather warm during the summer.


Is Thailand safe to travel

Thailand’s trains are top-notch and ideal for exploring the entire nation.

Before alcohol drinking was outlawed in 2014, the well-known overnight backpacker train that travels between Chiang Mai in the north and Bangkok in the south was a rowdy event.

There are three classes of trains; all are clean, but only one is quite comfortable; the other two are tolerable in some ways. And you may take a sleeper train from Bangkok to Penang in Malaysia if you want to or if it’s on your agenda.

Privacy curtains are present in second-class sleeping accommodations. No matter how you choose to travel the country, you will have a terrific time. Keep an eye on everything while travelling!

Is Thailand safe to travel: Food in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

There is a huge selection of delectable food, from pad thai farang favorites to pad kha pao favorites in Thailand.

In the north, there is food prepared in the Burmese manner, in the Lao-Thai style in the Isan region, and even Chinese foods are included.

In Thailand, food is generally safe. Although food poisoning can happen, there are ways to prevent it.

  • In addition to the food being nice, there will be less health issues if there are many people, especially those from the area.
  • In Thailand, you must sample street food! There are stalls all everywhere, and it’s great and inexpensive. Since germs detest being fried, we advise dining somewhere where you can literally watch food cook before your very eyes.
  • Does it appear tidy? Go for it if it appears to be tidy. Even if something is well-liked, it is always likely to be filthy.
  • Fruit is healthy. Fruit, which is not prepared, can also be quite terrible. Before eating it, either ask for it to be peeled or do it yourself.
  • Washing your hands is an easy approach to preventing any food-related illnesses! The subject may not be related to the businesses’ sanitation, but it should be.
  • Are you allergic and on the road? Do some prior research on how to explain your allergy. Remember that store owners and restaurant personnel know not all allergies, so knowing the names of some of them is also important. Grab a helpful Gluten-Free Translation Card, which describes the celiac disease, the possibility of cross-contamination, and regional Thai ingredients in Thai, if you’re gluten-free.

Can you drink water in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

This is a resounding nay and is indeed the norm for almost all Asian countries. Nothing will go wrong if you use the grocery store’s water.

Use a refillable bottle and fill it whenever you become thirsty if your lodge has a water filter to help reduce plastic waste.

We can attest that Thailand gets extremely hot, so it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you want to do any outside activities. Remember your water bottle and behave like an adult.

Is it safe to live in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Do you long to live in Thailand’s tranquil surroundings but are concerned about living in Bangkok? Or anyplace in Thailand, the real paradise?

Young professionals moving to Thailand is more prevalent today.

For example, digital nomads find it to be an utopia because of the low cost of living, friendliness of the populace, and stunning natural scenery.

It feels quite secure. You won’t ever feel afraid because violent crime rates are low. For example, robberies and murders are rare.

Thailand is a very popular destination for TEFL teachers, and many of them travel there each year to teach English.

You can simply make acquaintances in the exile communities that are present in most major cities. Despite being few in number, the issues that make Thailand unsafe to live in can be rather serious.

Political corruption can give you the impression that you live in a lawless place, ongoing issues in the southern provinces pose a threat from terrorist attacks, and there is also the constant danger of national unrest, which can result in (sometimes violent) protests, riots, and clashes between competing political factions.

Sexual exploitation and assaults are also significant issues. Some locations are riskier than others. Stay away from the southern provinces if you live there or visit, and avoid walking through shadowy places that might be just as shadowy as anywhere in your own country.

Despite all its problems, Thailand is a safe and healthy country with a vibrant expat community.

Is Thailand an LGBTQ+ country?

Is Thailand safe to travel

Travelers who identify as LGBTQ+ are warmly welcomed and accepted in Thailand and nearly all other popular tourist sites in the nation.

There is a vibrant LGBT culture in Bangkok and Phuket that draws lots of tourists each year.

In fact, one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world is Bangkok. Thailand is incredibly accepting and liberal.

When vacationing in larger cities, you won’t have to worry about your safety, even though you might get strange looks if you venture outside of tourist areas or into more rural areas. Certainly not as a result of discrimination.

Frequently asked questions about safety in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel

Here are a few brief responses to frequently asked issues about Thailand’s security.

Is Thailand dangerous for tourists?

Depending on how much effort you put into your personal safety, Thailand can be incredibly safe. You will undoubtedly uncover issues if you search for them. You’ll probably have a smooth journey if you remain vigilant, employ common sense, and street smarts.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

Avoid these things to be safe in Thailand

– Do not drink tap water

– Do not ride any moped

– Do NOT insult the Thai king and royal family

– Do not buy Buddha images

What are the main security problems in Thailand?

Road safety, pickpockets, and frauds are issues in Thailand. The majority of these crimes target visitors, but you may avoid them by exercising common sense and street smarts.

Is Thailand safe for females to travel to?

In Thailand, female visitors travelling alone should exercise a little more caution. You’ll be more than safe if you avoid overly friendly locals or ambiguous personalities, arrange female-friendly lodging, and use caution while drinking during nights out.

So, Is Thailand safe to travel to? 

Is Thailand safe to travel

Yes, Thailand may be very secure if you take precautions and remain vigilant. Southeast Asia’s most popular nation is Thailand, and it should come as no surprise. The richness of the local history, cuisine, people, religion, and magnificent tropical islands make it suitable for practically everyone.

As if that weren’t enough, all of this has the benefit of being both incredibly safe and reasonably priced.

Of course, awful things can happen any place in the world. You can prevent incidents like these and stay secure in Thailand if you use common sense, believe in your gut, and avoid foolish circumstances.

You now have access to a variety of travel advice created specifically to keep you safe while traveling Thailand, thanks to our insider’s guide.

Can you kiss in public in Thailand?

Is Thailand safe to travel

In Thailand, public displays of affection, such as kissing, are generally considered to be impolite and disrespectful. It is not common for Thai people to kiss in public, and it is important to be mindful of and respect local customs and cultural norms. While it may be tempting to engage in physical displays of affection while on vacation, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid them in public spaces. Also, different regions and communities may have different views on public displays of affection, so it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and act in a way that’s respectful of the local culture.

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