How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is an old city that has since been abandoned and can be found to the north of Bangkok. It is around 70 kilometres away. Because of its proximity to the capital, going there can be accomplished within a single day, and it is not very difficult to locate. When going from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, you have a number of various modes of transportation at your disposal, including a vehicle, minivan, bus, or train.

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

In the past, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province’s capital was located in the city of Ayutthaya. In its former glory, it is now a ruin that is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contributes to the formation of the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Because it is such a popular destination within the nation, we shall discuss the many ways in which you may reach it from Bangkok in the next section.

Transportation to go from ​Bangkok to ​Ayutthaya:

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya
  • ​​Car or taxi – ​A fast and practical way.
  • ​​Train –  ​This is the most economical and scenic option.
  • ​Minivan – ​A good choice if you want to meet other travellers on the road or if your group is too big to fit in one car.
  • ​Bus – ​Taking the bus instead of a minivan service will save you money.

​​​​​How to go to Ayutthaya by car or taxi

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

You may rent a car in the city itself or at either of Bangkok’s two airports if you wish to get behind the wheel. If you are travelling with a large group of friends or family members who can split the cost and you want to have perfect flexibility of time so that you may stop along the road as many times as you like, this can be a fantastic choice for you to consider. A taxi, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for you to consider if you do not want to be responsible for driving or for figuring out how to get to your destination. Before getting in the cab, it is strongly suggested that a fee be negotiated and agreed upon with the driver.

  • Distance:  About 90 kilometers by road.
  • Duration:  ​Approximately one hour.
  • Price: It depends, but at least calculate 2000 bahts.
  • Starting area: ​Not determined.

How to go to Ayutthaya by train

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

You will have the opportunity to unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery at an extremely reasonable cost. The fact that it is slower than travelling by road is one reason why many tourists choose to use the train instead of driving because they want the unique experience of riding a Thai train rather than saving a small bit of time. At regular intervals throughout the day, trains depart from the Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok.

  • Distance:  ​​​A little more than 70 kilometers.
  • Duration:  ​2 hours plus possible delays.
  • Price: Price in country currency (100 bahts)
  • Departure area: Surat Thani Bus Station

How to go to Ayutthaya by minivan

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

If you go with this option, you will pay more money, but you will enjoy more luxury and convenience than you would on a regular bus ride. Because the minivans do not often leave the station until they are completely filled, you may have to wait for some time, and the route will not be direct. That is to say, the vehicle will stop at a number of different locations along the route; yet, the total number of stops will be fewer than those seen on public bus transit.

  • Distance:  About 90 kilometers by road.
  • Duration:  2 hours.
  • Price: 100 to 280 bahts approximately.
  • Departure area: Mo Chit Bus Station in Bangkok.

How to go to Ayutthaya by bus

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

There are a lot of buses going to Ayutthaya, so it can be a cheap and easy way to get there. The bad thing is that they stop a lot along the way, which makes the trip take longer.

  • Distance:  About 90 kilometers by road.
  • Duration:  ​2-3 hours.
  • Price: Around 60 baht.
  • Departure area: ​Bangkok North Bus Terminal.

How much is the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Trains are a popular way for tourists to get around Thailand, especially on the route from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. The cost of a train ticket depends on the type of train and the class of travel.

For example, a third-class ticket on a local train can cost as little as 20 THB (less than $1 USD), while a first-class ticket on a more luxurious train can cost up to 345 THB (about $11 USD). On an express train, a second-class ticket usually costs between 60 and 80 THB, or about $2 to $3 USD.

Train times and prices can change often, so it’s best to check with the train station or a reputable travel agent before making a reservation. Also, it’s important to plan ahead and buy train tickets in advance, since trains often sell out quickly, especially during busy travel times.

Overall, taking the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is a cheap and easy way to get to this historic city.

Is Ayutthaya a day trip from Bangkok?

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Yes, Ayutthaya is a popular day trip destination from Bangkok. Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand for more than 400 years until the Burmese army destroyed it in the 18th century. It is about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok.

Today, Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a number of impressive ancient temples, palaces, and ruins that show some of Thailand’s rich history and culture. Some of the most popular places to visit in Ayutthaya are the Royal Palace, Wat Mahathat, and Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

Many people who want to see Ayutthaya take a guided tour or hire a private driver because it can be hard to get around the city on your own. But you can also take a train or bus from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and go there on your own.

Overall, Ayutthaya is a great place to visit for a day trip from Bangkok. Visitors can learn about Thailand’s history and culture while still being able to return to the comforts of the busy capital city before nightfall.

How much is grab from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Grab, a popular ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia is a convenient way to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. The price of a Grab ride can change based on things like the time of day, the amount of traffic and the type of vehicle chosen.

A one-way Grab ride from Bangkok to Ayutthaya usually costs between 800 and 1500 THB, or about $25 to $50 USD. Depending on the above things, this price could be higher or lower.

It’s important to know that Grab rides are often more expensive than public transportation like the bus or train. But Grab can be more comfortable and convenient, especially for people who are traveling with luggage or who want to go in a straight line.

Before you book a Grab ride, you should compare prices with other ways to get around to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Also, before starting the trip, it’s important to check the estimated fare and make sure with the driver. Overall, using Grab to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya can be a convenient and comfortable way to travel, but it may cost more.

Can I get a boat from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Yes, you can take a boat from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, but this isn’t a very common way to get there.

There are a few companies that offer boat tours along the Chao Phraya River, which is the main waterway that connects Bangkok and Ayutthaya. Most boat tours last between four and five hours and stop at temples and other sights along the river.

But it’s important to know that these boat tours can be very expensive and might not be the best way to get from one city to the other. Also, boat tours may not be available at all times, and the weather can also affect their availability.

Most people find that taking a train, bus, or private car from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is the most practical and cost-effective way to get there. But a boat tour may be a good choice for people who want to see Thailand’s waterways and historical sites in a unique and beautiful way. Before booking a boat tour, it’s best to do some research and compare prices and times.

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