How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a region in northern Thailand that is known for its hill tribes and foggy, colourful mountains. It’s like an entertainment park for seasoned visitors, a heaven for shoppers, and a treat for those who prefer to explore new places. Chiang Mai is a city that, despite its relatively compact size, truly offers everything. In this post, we provide you with all of the information you need regarding the many methods by which you may visit this city following your halt in Sukhothai.

In this post, we will provide you with all the information you must know on how to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai.

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai?

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

Because both Sukhothai and Chiang Mai have their own airports, flying can be an alternative for getting between the two cities. However, taking a bus that goes directly from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai is the most time- and cost-effective choice. If you take the train, you’ll have to take another bus to go to Phitsanulok. If you fly, you won’t save much time compared to taking the bus because the planes stop in Bangkok. Following this, you will find further information on each available choice.

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Transport to go from ​Sukhothai to ​Chiang Mai:

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai
  • ​Car – ​If you like to drive on the road and can rent a car, this may be the best option for you.
  • Bus – It is the most direct and recommended way if you want to avoid driving on your own.
  • ​Train + Bus – ​Traveling by train in Thailand can be an experience in itself.
  • Plane – It is the most expensive option and not the most recommended in this case.

How to go to Chiang Mai by car

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

Because the distance on the route between Sukhothai and Chiang Mai is not very great, you should be able to make the trip in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, by travelling in this manner, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the stunning mountainous scenery that is typical of the northern region of Thailand, and you will have the flexibility to pull over and snap photographs whenever and as frequently as you choose. If you want to prevent getting lost, we strongly suggest using a GPS.

  • Distance:  ​​​290 kilometers along Highway 11.
  • Duration:  ​A little more than 4 hours.
  • Price: ​Not determined.
  • Starting area: ​Not determined.

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How to go to Chiang Mai by bus

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

From Sukhothai to Chiang Mai, Win Tour runs 6 direct buses each day. The Sukhothai Bus Terminal is where buses leave every hour between the hours of 6 am and 2 pm; the trip itself takes between 5 and 6 hours. From the middle of the new city, you may take a songthaew for 15 baht to travel to the Sukhothai bus station. This will get you there quickly. There is also the option of renting a tuk tuk for either 50 or 60 baht.

You can also leave from the Win Tour office, which is located in the middle of ancient Sukhothai, if that is where you will be staying during your visit. In most cases, departures take place from the bus terminal, and passengers are collected from the company’s office when tickets are purchased there.

Tickets may be purchased at the Sukhothai Bus Terminal; however, we strongly advise that you purchase them in advance from the Win Tour office located in the ancient part of Sukhothai. During the holidays and weekends, buses’ seats may sell out rapidly; thus, we strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.

  • Distance:  ​Approximately 290 kilometers.
  • Duration:  5-6 hours approximately.
  • Price: ​Around 250 baht.
  • Departure area: ​The Sukhothai Bus Terminal can be found around 2 kilometres to the north of the Sukhothai New Town Center.

How to go to Chiang Mai by train + bus

How to get from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

It is necessary first to take a bus to Phitsanulok from Sukhothai in order to board a train bound for Chiang Mai. You’ll need to take the train to get to Chiang Mai from there. Both the Sukhothai Bus Terminal and the Sukhothai Historical Park serve as departure points for buses travelling from Sukhothai to Phitsanulok. Win Tour is the company that operates these buses, and the fare for the trip is 60 baht for buses leaving the terminal and 90 baht for buses leaving the Park Historical.

After that, you will need to take a tuk tuk from the Phitsanulok bus terminal to get to the train station. This trip takes around ten minutes to complete and costs approximately sixty baht. Many trains go between Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai, the vast majority of them are night trains. We strongly suggest that you do a search for all of the timetables that are currently available for both buses and trains. This will allow you to choose the combination of transportation options that is most convenient for you and buy your tickets in advance.

Distance: Approximately 75 kilometres will get you to Phitsanulok, and from there, it will be nearly 250 kilometres to Chiang Mai.

  • Distance:  From here, it’s about 75 kilometres to Phitsanulok, and from there, it’s almost 250 kilometres to Chiang Mai.
  • Duration:  The bus takes 1 hour and a half, and the train takes between 6 hours and a half and 8 hours.
  • Price: ​About 900 baht in total.
  • Departure zone: ​Sukhothai Bus Terminal or Historical Park.
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