How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok

Bangkok, the nation’s capital and largest city, is an essential stop on any trip to Thailand and should be considered. There, you will be able to find practically anything you are looking for, and you will also have the opportunity to learn about the great cultural mix that is characteristic of the city. This is because the city serves as a gathering place for people from all over the world who travel for business or pleasure.

If you begin your trip to Thailand in the south (Koh Samui and the surrounding region), travelling to Bangkok is a fantastic alternative to get to know the city. After that, you can continue your journey to the north and enjoy the hilly terrain that is characteristic of that part of the nation. This article will provide information on the most effective routes to take in order to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok.

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok?

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok

From Koh Samui, you may reach Bangkok by a number of different transportation methods. Because there is an airport on the island, getting there is as easy as hopping on a plane. Combinations of the railway, the bus, and the ferry are also available as alternatives. The following will offer you information on each of these choices, allowing you to select the alternative that caters to your needs in terms of both money and time.

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Transportation to go from Koh Samui to Bangkok:

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
  • Plane – It is the most direct and fastest way to get there, but it also costs the most.
  • ​Ferry + bus – ​You take a ferry to Chumphon and then a bus to Bangkok from there.
  • ​Ferry + Train – ​You can take a ferry to Surat Thani and then a train to Bangkok from there.

How to go to Bangkok by plane

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok

The airport on Koh Samui is on the northeast of the island. There are just a handful of airlines from which to pick, including Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways, both of which fly many times every day. Bangkok Airways offers more frequent departures, with aircraft leaving virtually every hour. As a result of this circumstance, the flight cost to reach this location is rather high, despite the fact that this cost is highly variable depending on when the ticket is purchased. When making reservations, it is usually recommended that you do it as long in advance as possible.

  • Distance:  ​​More than 700 kilometers.
  • Duration:  ​A little more than 1 hour.
  • Price: ​Around 6000 baht. 
  • Departure area: Koh Samui Airport (USM).

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How to go to Bangkok by ferry + bus

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok

If you decide to go with this alternative, you will travel from Koh Samui to Chumphon via ferry. Once you are in Chumphon, you will be able to board a bus that will transport you the rest of the way to Bangkok. This route is incredibly picturesque since it allows you to see more of the surrounding landscape as you go, but it is also quite time consuming. Depending on the transfer firm you go with, you will leave from a variety of different locations. We strongly suggest that you investigate the many possibilities for combination tickets so that you may pick the one that is most convenient for you based on where you are located on the island.

  • Distance:  ​​Approximately 140 kilometers by sea and then 466 kilometers by road 4.
  • Duration:  ​The entire tour lasts around 11 hours, half of which you will be on the boat.
  • Price: ​750 – 1500 baht.
  • Starting area: ​Not determined.

How to go to Bangkok by ferry + train

How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok
How to get from Koh Samui to Bangkok

The amount of time required to complete a trip while taking the train and boat is the method’s most significant drawback. Therefore, if you decide to go with this alternative, we strongly suggest that you board a night train so that you may make the most of the opportunity to sleep and avoid spending a night in a hotel. In order to reach Donsak Pier, you will need to board a boat. When you arrive there, you will board a specialised bus that will transport you to the city of Surat Thani, which is where the train station that will take you to Bangkok is situated.

There are tickets available that include everything for the full journey. Since the train is such a popular mode of transportation despite its relatively low cost, we strongly advise you to make your reservations in advance.

  • Distance:  ​​​From Koh Samui to Surat Thani is less than 40 kilometers. From Surat Thani to Bangkok, a little over 500 kilometers.
  • Duration:  ​The total duration of the trip is around 18 hours.
  • Price: ​Around 2,200 baht.
  • Departure area: ​Nathon Portin Koh Samui.
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