Despite the fact that Christmas is not a holiday that is historically observed in Thailand, its popularity is steadily increasing year after year, especially in Bangkok. Even though there is a sizeable Christian community in Thailand, the great majority of the country’s holidays are observed in a way that has nothing to do with any particular religion at all. Even while the majority of Thai families do not celebrate Christmas in the conventional sense—that is, by having a Christmas tree and giving gifts on December 25—many of them nonetheless honour the occasion, or at the very least the holiday season, in a variety of different ways. When December comes around, Bangkok won’t feel nearly as far away as it does right now, which is great news for visitors and anybody relocating there permanently from other nations since it means Bangkok will be more accessible.

Christmas Decorations

How to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok

The great majority of the city’s shopping malls will be decking their halls with seasonal adornments in advance of the Christmas shopping season. You may choose to walk or use the Skytrain to complete this fast tour of some of the shopping centers in downtown Bangkok that feature some of the most luxurious interior designs.

A huge Christmas tree can be seen at the front plaza area of Central World, which is a shopping center that can be found in the Ratchaprasong neighborhood of Bangkok. An outdoor beer garden may be found in very close proximity to the tree. Another big Christmas display can be viewed inside the mall’s seven-story atrium, which is also home to a multitude of other Christmas decorations for guests to take delight in seeing while they are there.

On Rama Road, immediately across the street and in the diagonal direction from Central World, is where you’ll find Amarin Plaza. In addition, this commercial center has some spectacular holiday decorations. The retail center known as Paragon Mall is only a short distance away, only a couple of Skytrain stations, and it decorates its plaza for the holidays with an abundance of lights, Christmas trees, and a variety of animals and traditional holiday scenes. You can reach MBK Mall, which is famous for its Christmas lights on the outside of the building, in only a few minutes by foot from Paragon. These decorations often find themselves climbing up the wall of the shopping center.

Fairy Lights in Dusit

How to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok

Even if the multicolored lights that are wrapped around the Chitralada Palace weren’t placed there to honor Christmas, they are pleasant, and gorgeous, and it is highly recommended that you have a look at them. When it’s dark outside, take a tour around the neighborhood, and then go over to the Grand Palace complex to see how the buildings there seem when it’s dark outside as well.

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Christmas Feast

How to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok

It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you’re seeking since Bangkok is home to a restaurant that can cater to every craving you could have. A considerable number of the city’s five-star hotels, including The Peninsula and the Mandarin Oriental, in addition to other elegant hotels situated on the river, hold Christmas gala dinners and buffets for their guests. Some of these hotels are The Peninsula and the Mandarin Oriental. If the thought of eating at a fancy restaurant does not appeal to you, then you should know that many of the city’s pubs also organise holiday dinners. These meals are far more reasonable and are hosted in a more relaxed atmosphere. Street food festivals are often a fantastic choice for a low-cost and high-quality lunch that can be enjoyed outside, with authentic Thai specialties such as chicken rice, seafood soup, and stir fried noodles. These fairs are usually a wonderful alternative, despite the fact that the atmosphere may not give the impression that it is Christmas.

Visiting Saint

How to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok

If you are traveling to Bangkok during the Christmas holiday with your children, you probably have great aspirations of seeing Santa Claus while you’re there. The encouraging news is that he makes an annual trip to Southeast Asia and may be seen participating in a range of activities that are aimed at families and children. In preparation for the holiday season, the K Village Christmas Market and the Nameebooks Learning Center both have a supply of Kris Kringle available for purchase.

Even though Santa Claus is known to make regular appearances in the city’s most affluent and biggest shopping malls, you should still be sure to call or contact your hotel’s concierge to check the dates and hours that he will be there.

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How to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok

One thing that Bangkok is excellent at doing all through the year, even during the Christmas season, is shopping. Because practically all of the main businesses in Thailand will be holding Christmas sales and promotions during the course of the holiday season, right now is a great time to go shopping if you want to get a good bargain on the items you buy. You may save yourself some time and effort when you get back to your home by taking advantage of the gift-wrapping service that is offered at almost every shopping center. Objects may be viewed without causing any damage to the wrapping work if the gift wrap is intended to leave one side exposed. This is helpful if you are concerned that customs authorities will need to check the box’s contents, since it prevents the wrapping work from being damaged.

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is a location for shopping that is known for its higher levels of chaos, but it also offers a great deal of enjoyment. Discover the perfect keepsake at one of the largest open-air markets in the world, which is filled with goods from Thailand, such as silks, handicrafts, clothes, and much more.

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