A significant number of Thailand’s islands have become well-known worldwide and have become popular tourist destinations for people from other countries. Islands such as Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Tao, and Ko Chang have all experienced a decline in their allure as a direct result of the proliferation of mass tourism. Once upon a time, these beaches were desolate; today, however, they are lined with sprawling hotel complexes and other tourist infrastructure. 

Nevertheless, Thailand is home to a number of uncharted islands, many of which offer stunning scenery at no cost. We are going to give you a first impression here in order to provide you with an overview of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. While some of these islands are completely devoid of human habitation, others have seen significant growth in their tourist infrastructure. We have compiled a list of islands in Thailand that are still largely undeveloped and unspoiled to the greatest extent possible. Some of the islands that we present still retain the rustic allure of the country because they are removed from the path of most tourists. They continue to demonstrate what it is to be original. It would be our pleasure to customize a vacation itinerary for you that includes visits to some of Thailand’s more remote islands. Professionals are familiar with the terrain in Thailand and may offer guidance throughout your trip there.

Dream beaches on Koh Kood

Holidays in the Thai islands

The island of Koh Kood, also known as Ko Kut, can be found in close proximity to the Cambodian border. When traveling by speed boat from Trat Domestic Airport to the island, the trip should take around an hour and a half. The five-star resort Soneva Kiri is located northwest of the island, and it has its own airstrip. Guests staying at the resort can take Cessnas from Bangkok to get to Soneva Kiri. The west coast of the dream island is home to a number of beaches, each of which competes with its neighbor for the title of “most beautiful.” Klong Chao Beach is the primary location. The vast majority of the resorts and hotels, including the High Season Resort, may be found in this area. The hotels located farther south on the island are not quite as nice as the hotels located further north. Nevertheless, in addition to that, these resorts boast incredible locations on equally fantastic beaches. There, vacationers may unwind while taking in the sights of nature. Visitors can explore the island’s interior on a scooter and find two waterfalls hidden within the island’s beautiful vegetation that is home to enormous trees. Because of this, the island is considered to be a true hidden gem. It is distinguished by a successful mix of the traditional culture of Thailand and an excellent physical infrastructure. Get in touch with our Thailand experts so that your travels there will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Ko Lipe – an island of white sandy beaches

Holidays in the Thai islands

Ko Lipe is located in the extreme southernmost part of Thailand, to the west of the Malaysian island of Langkawi. The only way to get to paradise from the mainland is on an exciting excursion on a speedboat. This island used to be popular among backpackers when it first became a tourist destination. On the other hand, there is now an infrastructure that can cater to the requirements of high-end tourists as well as families with young children. In the paradise, there are a number of bays in addition to the three gorgeous beaches with white sand. Visitors can unwind on the island at one of the few bungalow complexes or one of the island’s handful of cozy eateries. As a direct consequence of this, spending one’s vacation on a distant island continues to be an unforgettable experience. You should only visit during the peak season if you want to experience the rush and bustle of crowded beaches, hotels, and restaurants.

Ko Yao Yai and Noi – double island paradise

Holidays in the Thai islands

The idyllic tropical island paradise of Ko Yao can be found to the east of Phuket. It takes around one hour for visitors to get there by boat. The Beach Peninsula is a fantasy beach that tapers to a point on the bigger island of Ko Yao Yai. It makes the hearts of its guests beat faster and makes them want to stay longer. Ko Yao Noi, the most remote of the two islands, is where you’ll find the more luxurious resorts. Both the Six Senses Yao Noi and the Horn Bill Tented Resort provide tourists traveling through Thailand with an elegant ambiance that is characteristic of the premium class. Not the resorts, but the islands themselves are what take your breath away with their breathtaking natural beauty. In Phang Nga Bay, visitors may take in the breathtaking scenery of limestone islands that have been sculpted into unusual shapes. It is possible to combine a vacation in Ko Yao with a stay in Phuket, which makes vacationing in Thailand such a special experience.

Ko Bulon Lae – pure island romance

Holidays in the Thai islands

Around 20 kilometers separate Ko Bulon Lae from the nearest landmass, which is located amid the Andaman Sea. The conditions that visitors will find here are ideal for their vacation. You get to experience romance without being overwhelmed by excessive opulence. In spite of this, traveling to the island is like going on a vacation of the highest calibre because the island does not skimp in any way on the allure it exudes. The two gorgeous beaches that are covered with white sand are the primary draw here. This island gem offers budget-friendly lodging options, and the Pansand Resort comes highly recommended by us. You get to experience vacation at its greatest and even have the chance to see monkeys, hornbills, and monitor lizards.

Ko Kradan – snorkeling paradise

Holidays in the Thai islands

Visitors will find that the island of Ko Kradan is an absolute dream for snorkelling. It has a location in western Thailand and provides tourists with facilities that are not particularly sophisticated. Tourists on day trips frequently visit the island. However, your search for shopping and social events will be fruitless. The majority of the resorts are concentrated along Paradise Beach, making it the most popular beach. The Sevenseas Resort is the top-rated accommodation on the island since it provides guests with a desirable location and a high level of convenience. Sunbathers and those planning vacations to Thailand’s beaches will find the island to be an ideal destination. Travelers can embark on various adventures to the nearby islands of Koh Muk and Ko Hai from this location.

Ko Muk – fantasy beaches

Holidays in the Thai islands

This island can be found off the coast of Thailand’s west peninsula. It does not have a lot of infrastructure set up for tourists. This is the location of the Sivalai Beach Resort, which provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious stay on a beach that is practically picture-perfect. The emerald grotto of Emerald Cave can be found in the western part of the island at the Charly Beach resort. This feature is the highlight of the island. Visitors who are interested in exploring the grotto are required to swim through an 80-meter-long tunnel when the tide is low. However, the swim was well worth it. Even though the roof of the grotto has fallen in, it nevertheless provides tourists with a setting that seems like something out of a dream. Those looking for peace and quiet will find the island to be an excellent choice, and it also makes an excellent base for island hopping. 

Ko Mak – the flat dream island

Holidays in the Thai islands

This paradise is distinguished from the islands surrounding it because it is considerably flatter than those other islands. The island is encircled by kilometres of sandy beaches, and it is possible to travel all the way around it on a moped in a relatively short amount of time. There are no five-star resorts or hotels of any kind in this part of Thailand. The island is not difficult to reach and its lodgings, which are on the simpler side, are impressive. These accommodations are geared at tourists who value authentic experiences. Once per year, this location plays host to the Thai Break Festival. It is an event featuring electronic music, and it draws a large number of holiday guests within a week. Despite this, the island is a wonderful place to visit if you want peace and quiet. When travelling to other islands, a stop in Ko Mak is a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.

Ko Hai – miles of sandy beaches

Holidays in the Thai islands

This sanctuary is remarkable due to its one-kilometer stretch of pristine, white sand beach. In this area, you’ll find quaint resorts and eateries, in addition to a house reef. From this location, you can embark on adventures such as a visit to the Emerald Caves or go snorkelling.

The original Thailand on Ko Phayam

Holidays in the Thai islands

This island can be found in close proximity to the Burmese border (Myanmar). Travelers should take a domestic aircraft from Bangkok to Ranong, followed by a boat journey of around one hour, in order to arrive there in the most expedient manner possible. The culture of Thailand from around thirty years ago is still prevalent in this area. People who are seeking for simple cottages, resorts in the middle price range, and intimate pubs and restaurants will find everything they need on this relatively undiscovered island. There are no cars allowed on the island itself, and there are very few ATMs and no electricity brought over from the mainland. Mopeds are used to get around in congested streets and alleyways. The bungalow complexes each have their own generators, which are responsible for electricity production. The west shore of the island is home to the island’s two most popular beaches. The Yai Gulf is one of the few places in Thailand where surfers may catch a wave, which is a really unique feature. Trips to Ko Surin Marine National Park for activities like snorkelling and diving are accessible only by boat. Therefore, Ko Phayam possesses its own unique charm, which will quickly enthral guests who arrive. The island is especially well-suited for tourists taking tours of Thailand in conjunction with trips to Myanmar (Myanmar). When it comes to arranging your vacation to Thailand, you can put your faith in our knowledgeable professionals who will assist you both in words and in acts.

Island for rest and relaxation – Ko Jum

Holidays in the Thai islands

Despite the fact that this island is just approximately 30 kilometres away from the mainland, it has been able to preserve its peacefulness and its distinctive “Robinson Island” vibe all these years afterwards. On this paradise, there are approximately one thousand people living. Between the months of November and April, passengers can take a ferry from Krabi or Ko Landa to access the island. The inhabitants of the islands now rely heavily on tourism as one of their primary sources of revenue. Visitors will be able to enjoy an almost unheard-of level of tranquilly in this location. As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in a laid-back holiday atmosphere that exudes its own unique character. The Ko Jum Lodge comes highly recommended as a place to stay when vacationing on the island. Get in touch with one of our travel agents.

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