Diving in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I highly recommend going scuba diving at the Phi Phi Islands since it is one of the finest sites to do scuba diving in Thailand and it has numerous really nice diving areas, where it is possible to observe turtles and reef sharks, among other types of marine life. Plunge into the lakes and rivers that make up its national park! You won’t come to regret it!

With which school to dive in Phi Phi

Diving in the Phi Phi Islands Thailand

If you want to start doing a baptism or your Open Water certification for the first time, or if you want to specialise a little more, or if you just want to have fun diving, I will propose the best company available to you, which is Princess Divers.

It was established in 2001, making it one of the Phi Phi schools with the most years of experience, and it is compatible with both the Padi and SSI certificates. The manager of the school is a Spaniard named Roger, and he has a fantastic staff consisting of pros from a variety of countries. Roger is a crack.

The amazing thing about diving in Phi Phi is not only underwater, but also that you build a group of friends with whom you can have a beer after dinner, and from whom you receive a lot of really good advice that will make your stay unique.

In October of 2021, a friend of mine and I participated in some of their fun dives, and another of our mutual friends participated in their baptism. Together, we had an amazing experience with them. Unqualified endorsement! In addition to that, they provided us with an extremely reasonable pricing.

If you would like for me to put you in direct contact with Roger, please send me a message (through social networks, an email, or, if you would rather, a comment here on the blog), and I will forward it to you.

The harbour is only a few minutes away and the school may be found right next to the PP Charlie hotel.

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The dive sites in Phi Phi

Diving in the Phi Phi Islands Thailand

There are over 20 different places to dive inside the Phi Phi Islands archipelago. The majority of these spots can be found on Phi Phi Leh and Bida Islands, which are only a short boat trip away.

There is a significant difference between the shallow portions of Phi Phi, which have rocks and boulders covered with both hard and soft corals, and the walls of Phi Phi, which feature stunning corals along with swim throughts and caves.

Regarding marine life, it is not difficult to spot hawksbill turtles and blacktip reef sharks. The opportunity to observe seahorses and box fish, two of my favourite marine animals, is another perk of going scuba diving in the Andaman Sea in general and specifically on Phi Phi Island.

On the island of Phi Phi, one of the dive sites that draws the most visitors is called Bida Nok.

If you are interested in sunken ships, Phi Phi has the Kled Kaew, a transport ship that was used by the Royal Thai Navy and sunk at a depth of thirty metres.

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Diving prices in Phi Phi

Diving in the Phi Phi Islands Thailand

Prices for two dives for recreational purposes often start at 1800 baht.

The cost of a baptism is around 3,000 baths, while an open water course costs 11,600 baths and an advanced course costs 9,300 baths. Check with the diving school to determine how long it will take you to finish the course, and organise the duration of your vacation on the island accordingly.

The admission fee to the national park is four hundred baht, and there is an additional fee of two hundred baht for diving. In addition to that, it is good for three days. If you pay it only once, then you won’t have to pay it again no matter how many times you return back during those days to dive or take a longtail boat to tour the islands or beaches. This applies even if you do it more than once.

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