Christmas In Thailand And How Locals celebrate it

Do they celebrate Christmas in Thailand? Does that even make sense? If so, what are the festivities like? How about we do it the Australian way, with a barbeque on the beach? Exist Christmas trees and presents to be given?

Questions are quite reasonable to ask, given that people in Europe only sleep three times a day. So, let’s get this important question out of the way once and for all:

Does Thailand celebrate Christmas?

Christmas In Thailand And How Locals celebrate it

The short answer is:

No! Because, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as Christmas in Thailand, much like there is none in Saudi Arabia. After all, Buddhists make up the overwhelming majority of Thai citizens. The nativity of Jesus is consequently irrelevant to their perspective.

The slightly longer answer is:

Christmas In Thailand And How Locals celebrate it

It is the case in some areas. Because the commercial and Americanized aspects of Christmas have been brought into the cities of Thailand for a very long time now, even if most Thais are unaware of the historical background of the holiday.

It is almost impossible to find a retail center that does not decorate its space with a Christmas tree, and it is nearly impossible to find a hotel that does not provide its staff with red Santa hats. Even Christmas carols are played at that time, which seems quite odd given that the temperature in the shade is over 30 degrees.

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What kinds of Christmas traditions do foreigners observe when they visit Thailand?

Christmas In Thailand And How Locals celebrate it

Even though Christmas is not a traditional holiday in Thailand, expatriates from other countries who live there and tourists nevertheless observe the occasion.

There are Christmas celebrations at hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses that foreigners own. Even Christmas trees made of plastic are put up, and Santa Claus is responsible for delivering the gifts.

Naturally, the extent of these celebrations shifts according to whoever is in charge of organizing them, which is always the case. The hotel that is connected to the diving school used to be the site of our annual Christmas party, complete with all of the festivities that are traditionally associated with the holiday for each and every visitor and worker.

The truth of the matter is, however, that there is no genuine Christmas spirit. It is simply too hot for that right now.

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