10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

There is usually only one major trip every year, so who can blame us if we want it to be perfect? We all put in a lot of labour over a lengthy period of time in order to give ourselves a short respite of three to four weeks, during which time we read till our eyes hurt on the internet. Unfortuitously, this soon leads to dissatisfaction because many people know where to go, but are just overwhelmed by the volume of information and the horror stories that are circulating on the Internet.

But even that is only half as crazy. On this, your first trip to Phuket, we have compiled a list of some of the most helpful suggestions to assist you avoid making the most significant errors and gaffes.

Read our advice carefully, because we are confident that it will help you have a pleasant experience on your first trip to Phuket.

Our tips for your first Phuket vacation


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

The matter of taxi rates and the so-called “taxi mafia” is probably one of the most hotly debated subjects on Phuket, and it is also a very significant one for us personally.


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

When planning a trip to Phuket, selecting the appropriate hotel might be difficult because there are so many options available. The requirements placed on the hotel as well as the holiday spending budgets vary greatly depending on the preferences. It is really difficult to provide a recommendation that is applicable to everyone.

However, if you choose a hotel based solely on the cost, you will almost never be satisfied with your choice. The same is true for those who merely book a hotel based on its name, don’t leave the luxury hotel they booked, and don’t take any notice of the country or its inhabitants while they are there.

Because Phuket is so large, it is in your best interest to split your stay between two or three hotels, each of which should be located in a distinct part of the island and offer a range of room rates. For example, one luxury hotel could be located in the tranquilly of the north of the island, while another could be located closer to the excitement of Kata, Karon, and Patong.

Ride a Scooter

10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

What better way to go around Thailand than on one of the country’s ubiquitous scooters? That is undoubtedly accurate; yet, there is a lot to take into account, and this point cannot be emphasised enough.

When it comes to riding a scooter, Phuket in particular has a reputation for being a hazardous place to be. This is due to the existence of a few elementary pieces of evidence.

  1. Left-hand traffic
  2. In Thailand, all rental scooters have at least a 125cc engine and can travel up to 100 km/h.
  3. There are many inexperienced motorists on the roadways (tourists)
  4. Many people use drugs and drink while driving.
  5. The locals’ driving style requires some getting used to.


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

Going to the same beach every time prevents you from getting the full experience that each beach has something unique and wonderful to give. On Phuket, there are a total of 36 beaches, and of those, 3–5 are always located in close proximity to your hotel.

In addition, we have outlined for you on Google Maps the locations of beaches, restaurants, and other points of interest in the area. Phuketastic’s readers made the majority of the submissions.


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

Food is not only one of the most essential reasons for many people to return to Thailand, but it is also one of the most important reasons why Thailand is known for its sun, beaches, and nice people. Regrettably, there are also a great number of tourists who do not enjoy the meal, maybe because it is too spicy for them or just because they do not like it. However, because of this, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one or two dishes, because the waiter or waitress at the restaurant can tell with a few hands and feet, or in English, that you don’t like it to be that spicy. Therefore, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one or two dishes.

Ice and Sanitation

10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

You’re probably aware of the warnings that you shouldn’t drink from a glass with ice in it in Thailand, that you shouldn’t eat anything from a food stall, and that you shouldn’t eat salads. These are some well-intended pointers to prevent an upset stomach from occurring. Unfortunately, not really helpful at all. Because of the warm weather, germs are able to flourish considerably more easily here than they would back home. Nevertheless, not only at food stands and salads but pretty much everywhere else as well.

And in our experience, travellers who take the most precautions on their trips are nearly always the ones who end up sickest. On the other hand, if you give everything and every place a shot, you will encounter very few difficulties. Maybe it’s because he’s always putting himself in contact with pathogens from other places.

In any event, there is no foolproof method for preventing an upset stomach in Thailand, particularly when consuming spicy cuisine; in fact, the stomach does not even need to be upset for it to burn a second time the following morning:)

Sun Protection

10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

The sun is something that everyone enjoys and something that everyone need, but regrettably, especially in nations located in Europe, summer is occurring less and less frequently. As a result, we make the most of the few weeks we have off by spending as much time outdoors as we can. It is completely reasonable; however, in spite of all the benefits, many people overdo it, which leads to sunburn and subsequent discomfort.

However, the hands of the clock move in a different direction here in Thailand, and in contrast to Europe, you still need to protect yourself from the sun even when the sky is overcast. When swimming or snorkelling in the ocean, the sun’s rays are, of course, far more powerful than they are on land. It usually only takes around 30 minutes without any sort of sun protection to get a sunburn. If you plan on spending the entire day on a scooter or at the beach, you need to make sure that you keep yourself well lubricated.


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

The Thai people do not appreciate it when foreigners yell at them or complain angrily and out loud. In spite of the fact that most Thais are quiet and reserved, they may become extremely belligerent when things go out of hand. You can debate with Thais and participate in heated debates up to a certain extent, but you should do yourself a favour and avoid going beyond that point. First, it’s impolite, and second, it has the potential to become really serious. That is meant to be taken extremely seriously and is essentially sound counsel.

In Thailand, foreigners have lost their lives as a result of yelling at another person. Insults, such as pointing a bird or the middle finger, or blowing your horn loudly, should also be avoided because they can potentially result in a negative outcome.


10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

You should be aware that not everything in Thailand is inexpensive, or more accurately, that not everything that can be purchased is a good deal.

Bargaining is one of the essential aspects of buying at the markets, and it is something that is not only encouraged but also anticipated.

When you don’t trade, you almost always end up paying more than you should. However, trading is not without its restrictions. Prices are negotiable on most markets, but often only between 10 and 15 percent after they have been publicised. One example of this is the weekend market in Phuket. If, on the other hand, no prices are shown, the dealers would typically set the price substantially higher than what is shown, allowing for more transactions to take place.

However, I ask that you not push yourself beyond your capabilities and that you always have a polite demeanour.

There is no room for haggling in retail establishments such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and other formal businesses. The prices that are being charged are fixed, just like the prices that we have.

Correct clothing

10 best tips for your first Phuket vacation

In most places in Thailand, you are permitted to enter and move around in shorts and a tank top, but if you are visiting a temple, kindly refrain from doing so.

  1. No shoes (applies to everyone and everyone)
  2. Include shoulders (applies to both men and women)
  3. Embrace knees (Applies to women only)
  4. Do not cross the threshold of the entrance (Applies to everyone and everyone)
  5. Avoid kissing in the temple.
  6. Be quiet, please.
  7. Do not even try to touch the heads of Buddha sculptures.
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