18 Best Apps For Thailand Travel

When traveling to Thailand, it is important to have a reliable and user-friendly app to help you navigate the country. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. In this blog post, we will recommend the best apps for Thailand travel, based on our personal experience.

Importance of Travel Apps in Thailand

Best Apps For Thailand Travel

The use of apps has become increasingly popular in Thailand, with locals and visitors alike using them to make the most of their travel experiences. There are a number of reasons why travel apps can be so beneficial when visiting Thailand.

Firstly, apps can help you to save time and money. They can provide you with instant access to information about attractions, activities, restaurants, and accommodation. This means that you can plan your trip in advance and make bookings or reservations without having to waste time searching for information when you arrive in Thailand.

Secondly, apps can help you to avoid queues and crowds. Many popular tourist attractions in Thailand can get very busy, but by using an app, you can often find quieter times to visit or alternative routes that will help you to avoid the worst of the crowds.

Thirdly, apps can help you to make the most of your time in Thailand. By using an app like Foursquare or Tripadvisor, you can easily find recommendations for things to see and do based on your interests. This means that you don’t have to waste time wandering around looking for something to do – simply fire up your app and let it guide you to the best attractions and activities Thailand has to offer.


Best Apps For Thailand Travel

I’m going to start my list of recommendations for the best apps for Thailand travel with three of the apps that I usually use whenever I travel, irrespective of the location that I’m going to be visiting. Because to them, I am able to better arrange both my finances and my expenditures, as well as maintain tabs on everything.


You are able to perform currency conversions with the help of this software. Choose the bath, which is Thailand’s unit of money, and use the app if you are uncertain about the quantity of something so that you are able to keep track of how much money you are spending in euros. When you go shopping, you will find that it is extremely beneficial.


This is the application that I depend on to keep track of my spending while I’m away from home. It gives you the ability to set up an expenditure account for each nation that you visit. In this account, you may record everything you spend each day, including how much you spend on lodging, food, and transportation, as well as any other categories you choose to include.


Perfect for when you have a larger group to travel with. You pay for the boat tickets one day, while your friend pays for the meals the next day, and then it’s your turn to buy the rounds of beer and in the end, it’s impossible to maintain control of the situation. Everyone will indicate what they spend using this app, both in terms of the quantity and the general notion, and the app will tell you who owes money to whom and how much they owe them.


Best Apps For Thailand Travel

Grab Superapp

It’s a blessing that Grab may be found in Thailand. You may order your motorbike or taxi car, which will save you the hassle of haggling over the price.

The unfortunate news is that it is only available in certain locations around the country, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and not the entire nation.


The GPS that is so popular among tourists because it provides information and routes that are more specific than those provided by Google Maps and because you can use it even when you do not have internet access by downloading a map of the nation.

It is one of the applications that I have on my phone at all times and that I make regular use of while I am travelling.


At 12Go, you will always get the most recent information on various modes of transportation, including buses, minivans, and trains. You may check times and routes, as well as make reservations, using them. You might also just acquire the information and then make your reservations later in person at the stations. 12goAsia requires a little commission, which does not make a significant difference in pricing, but provides the added benefit of being able to complete the transaction online and in advance.


This is a Thai app called Viabus, and it provides information on buses, their routes, and even estimated arrival times. It is also available in the English language. It is obtainable in Bangkok and a few other areas around the country of Thailand.


Moovit is a transportation software developed in the United States that now has maps available for two cities in Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In addition to that, you may utilise it to view routes and bus lines.


Best Apps For Thailand Travel

You will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that this does not pique your interest after you have reached this part of my suggestions on the travel apps that are the most helpful when visiting Thailand. “When I’m on vacation, I want to dine out at a different restaurant every single day,” you say. Perfect.

But the truth is that we frequently find ourselves in circumstances that we did not anticipate. It may be that you are ill and unable to leave the room, or it could be that you are stuck in a railway station waiting area for a significant amount of time and you are craving something nice to eat. Or, perhaps something in your camera breaks, and you need to buy a new replacement when you are in a village deep in the mountains. This could be a problem.

Because all of this is possible, and trust me when I say that it does, you had best make a note of these applications, which can help you out of more than one pickle.

Food Panda

When planning a trip to Thailand, this software will prove to be really helpful. With it, you may get food and any other goods sold in supermarkets (like Big C or Tesco, for example) delivered to your house, hotel, or other location of your choice.

It is not accessible everywhere in Thailand, although it may be found in most of the country’s cities and towns (not on the islands, for example).


You may also place orders for meals using Grab. You will notice a page within the app that displays local eateries, and you will be able to make orders for those restaurants from within that tab.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not accessible across the entirety of Thailand; nonetheless, it may be found in major cities such as Bangkok, Surathani, or Chiang Mai.

Line Man

You may place your orders using the Line app’s Lineman, which can be downloaded from the app’s store and features a food and drink area.

The fact that practically everything is only available in Thai is the primary issue, however the majority of the items do come with a picture. Therefore, not too awful for such a hurry. Especially in the event that there is not a Grab location in the vicinity where you are.


The discovery of Lazada has revolutionised the tourism industry in Thailand. This website or app is ideal for completing your purchases online in the absence of Amazon since you can locate everything you want in one convenient location. Everything from clothing and technology to hygiene is included. The shipment will take approximately three days if you buy anything made locally, but if you buy something made in China, it will take between two and four weeks (activate the local product filter). Shoppee is another application in the same vein.


Best Apps For Thailand Travel


I am certain that you are already familiar with Booking.com, however it is possible that you just use the internet to look for and book your lodgings. In that case, I strongly suggest that you download the app since it will provide you with convenient access to all of your reservations, and each time you check in, you will have everything you need right there in the app, so you won’t have to waste time looking for emails or screenshots.


Agoda, a rival of Booking, is far more popular in Asia, despite the fact that Booking is recognised and utilised all over the world. It is yet another lodging search engine, but unlike Booking, it boasts a larger selection of businesses in Thailand at typically more affordable rates. I always look at both options and do a comparison before making a reservation.


Best Apps For Thailand Travel

In this section of the most helpful applications to download before going to Thailand, I will give you some suggestions that will make it easier to communicate with locals and also help you make new acquaintances. And in addition to that, I’ve lately come across a fantastic software that allows you to make domestic and international calls for a ridiculously low cost.


It is an instant messaging service similar to WhatsApp, although it has a great deal more functionality than WhatsApp. It is a language that has its roots in Japan and is currently used by everyone in Thailand.

Lineman, which is one of the food applications that I suggested to you, may be found within this line app.


There is never a shortage of the Google translator. It will be easier for you to converse with individuals who live in regions where English is not the predominant language. In addition, there is an option to turn on the camera, which gives you the ability to translate any document, such as a restaurant menu or any other significant notice or notification that you are required to interpret.


I would suggest using Rebtel if you are interested in making calls to your home while you are in Thailand (something that you are unable to do with WhatsApp), as well as making calls inside Thailand (although the Sim card that you buy is always better for that).

Simply establish an account, download the app, and then recharge your phone to start making calls. If you make your first recharge through this link, you will each receive $10, and I will receive an additional $10 for referring you.


Tinder does not require any sort of introduction. The most widely used dating application is also available in Thailand and is utilised there by people from outside the country. Tinder is a great option to attempt if you want to meet new people or have a romantic or sexual encounter if you already have a partner.

Be aware that advertisements for ladyboys and prostitutes can be found on this site as well.

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